WhensKI.com - Tournament Calendar Site NEED HELP!

Hi everyone, I created http://whensKI.com shortly after Season 2 launched and will be looking for at least two guys/gals to take over and/or help keep things flowing and updated.

The site is a Killer Instinct tournament site. It was created for the community so that they could post and announce their offline and online tournaments or meetups. It is a place where players find the popular KI twitch channels, pro players, etc. So, If anyone is interested, please post here and let me know. I will continue to assist where I can but work among other things are up my time (at least for the next two weeks or so).

If you think it is a waste of time please let me know that as well.

~ Delilah HD (I am also a mod on KI reddit hence the resemblance :smiley: )


I cant do anything about your staffing issue, but MAYBE in the future we can discuss getting Forum Battles up on your site. Cross-promotion seems like a good idea to me.
Here is our thread:

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How about you collaborate with the guy who created the FGC Calendar instead? Most of the events should already be there, but if any are missing, you could help add them and we’d have everything in one place. I don’t know who the author is or how to get in touch, but I believe u/wisdom_and_frivolity from r/StreetFighter can tell you.

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Awesome, I can add them as a recurring event.

Thank you for including this.

Dont do anything yet. I said maybe. let us get through our 3 weeks of changes, and then we can talk.

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