When's the update coming out for Season 3?

Just wondering because I’m so excited after seeing that amazing launch trailer.

8am pdt. Please use the search function.

8am man. Excited here too !

4pm for uk people? :expressionless: :unamused:

UK here. I remember having Season 2 ready for me when I woke up last year at launch. This is gonna be a long day…

For UK people like me, it’s available at 5pm unfortunately.

I’d take any of those times over mine. Aus 2am. All nighter it is.

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In France it s 6 ! Hope i Will ne able to Play at midnight

4pm for UK Time actually. Not that it makes that much of a difference, we still have to sit here and patiently wait all day. Why couldnt they just release it at 1am PDT? Then almost everyone would get it in and around the morning hours?

I stayed up til 1 am eastern time . and nothing… checked again this am before work and still nothing.


I know Wats the deal it’s 7:30 am out here why did I ■■■■■■■ pre-order

I am stuck at work now!!! I wanted to try it out.

Trust me guys, it will be worth the 6 Months of waiting! :smiley:

Just hold out a bit longer!

so did it drop yet? I want to know how big the download is

Around 2hrs and 30 mins left.

got win10, and my x1 is ready for the download. hope its out during my lunch hour!

Is it me or some people are reporting to be receiving the update? It’s not on Windows Store for me yet. Anyone?

People are already playing and streaming s3. I wish we knew how the roll outs worked, at least for the bigger releases like this. Hopefully the update kicks in soon for us all!

It simply rolls out server to server. As soon as your’s is hit, you’ll be prompted to download.

Damn, i just reinstalled the game…it’s gonna give me the update for Season 3 after it’s finished. Which will probably be done by tomorrow night :sweat::cry:

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