Whenever I play ranked, all the points I got reset after I quit the game

I am using the pc version of KI and everytime I exit the game, all the ranked points I have accumulated during my play session vanish, gone, poof. I already made sure Telemetry Hosts was enabled and I am not sure if I have any programs that disable it. idk what is going on.

sidenote: It seems a lot of other people have been having this issue on the KI subreddit


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Hopefully the information in that thread helps you out! Others have had the problem but it doesn’t seem to be a continuing issue after they’ve done the fixes.

One small request; please use the search function (in the upper right of the page) to check if we have existing threads on a topic before creating a new one; it helps us cut down on duplicates!

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Mine is already set to automatic but I still have the problem :frowning: