When will the full cast be ready in dojo?

I honestly don’t expect there to EVER be full dojo for every character.
Its one of those “we’d like to” things that’ll happen “next season” that never comes true.

So in a weird way like Ultimates right? lul…
seriousdly though it’d be nice if they can at least just give us a rough dojo. I can actually understand though as dojo may take a very long time to.

Cant take but an hour each xharacter the formats already there

It would be nice to see everyone have their own personalized dojo with some unlockables for each. I main Jago, but I would also like to learn some unique combos with players I’m not necessarily familiar with.

Given how Keits went on a tirade earlier today about how combos aren’t that important to winning and how we should learn tech on our own I don’t think this is happening any time soon.

I think it would be cool to see but I think it probably won’t happen for a long time if at all. Aside from the fact that it probably takes lots of time and work to create, the characters change so frequently they’d have to be constantly changing the trials to make sure the combos still work or they’re describing moves correctly, etc. Even the current dojo is technically outdated, saying juggling is unbreakable damage and stuff (at least last I checked which was admittedly long ago, about half way through season 2, so correct me if I’m wrong) so I don’t think they would for character specific ones. So while I think it’d be cool, I’m not expecting it and am honestly pretty ok with that. I do however hope they at least update the current dojo to be completely accurate.

I’d like to have character specific dojos for a couple of reasons.


Jago is a great starting point for new players. He’s very similar to Ryu (the shoto thing in general). He’s great for teaching basic mechanics for all fighting games. I’m not necessarily talking about going through the general mechanics of fighting games, but rather to teach character specific things like (but not limited to):

  • how to execute a rekka, (ex. Orchid, Hisako)

  • down-up and back-forward specials (ex. Sabrewulf, Cinder)

  • character specific spacing tools

  • unique combat traits (ex. Hisako’s Counter)

  • combo traits (ex. Fulgore’s auto-triples and Hisako’s delayed doubles)

Then, after you have the basics down for that character you can move on to their “Advanced Course” with things like:

  • using Hisako’s Instinct to do a couple Counter Hit only combos

  • making Fulgore’s DP semi-safe by canceling into Shadow Lasers

  • make an opening using Cinder’s Firebomb

Each character would only need to have a couple of these Advanced lessons, and the basic ones are generally easily to conceptualize. You are probably right, that it wouldn’t be doable during a character release schedule is underway. However, I’d like to see this done in between seasons like Shadows were. If Shadows Mode wasn’t the one being worked on this time, I would have liked to have seen this instead for one reason in particular. The PC port is coming with Season 3, and it would be a decently sized boon to new players picking up the game to help them understand their character and provide knowledge for them to learn their match-ups.

I’m not saying that Shadows is a worse mode overall. In fact, I quite like Shadows. Makes me feel like I have something to do besides bash my face into the wall some call “the ladder”. I’m just saying, the addition of character specfic lessons (I think dojo is a poor term for the structure I’ve written) would have been tremendously well placed if they would have been released this past year instead.


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play the game and watch videos-
dojo needs to be updated a bit, but doing one for all the characters in the game is a waste.
scrubs will always play badly. what they lack is not knowledge, internet is full of that, but the will to learn stuff.

When you hear people say ki with jago was fun because of dojo mode but outside of him they dont understand the basic mechanics or how to or what is a resoruce is so they stopped playing its a problem atleast have dojo for season 3 when a new ones releases add them to dojo

That may be true for some, but not for others. As an example, I just picked up Guilty Gear Xrd on pc and want to learn Elphelt. Their training mode goes through the game mechanics with Sol Badguy, much like KI’s dojo with Jago. However, they also have a mode (I can’t remember the name of) that allows you to learn a bit about each character respectively. Since I’m not into Guilty Gear as much as KI, this provides a good primer on the character I want to play, in the game, without having to use an outside resource.

You’ll still get a lot of details in written or video guides online, but this provides and area to walk you through each step of your character’s specific mechanics. It also helps build muscle memory, which is huge for fighting games.

I understand your mindset, but I don’t agree with it.