When will the full cast be ready in dojo?

I feel this should be mandatory. I can only imagine using the weeks free character with no idea whats going in to head to dojo mode and use jago and be thrown off again.

I feel this should of been added every time a new character was added… Is this going to happen ever


It’s been requested many times before already and at one point, even the dev expressed interest in it. It’s quite possible this may be apart of Season 3 but I wouldn’t hold my breath. That would be a huger undertaking developmentally.

Now it would but when the cast was smaller doinf each character individually would of been great i think it would totally help these people who dl it free. And be able to use that free character in dojo learn the basics of ki abd basics of that said free character someone sceptical buying the full game then could wait 2 3 months play with most of the cast and decide buying it. Amd lets say you do play free ki with each free character offer a discount maybe. But i feel this should be done its kinda like trials for sf but for ki instead. If you own ki already and do dojo with each character maybe give us free ki gold or a mural or something. Just thinking out loud

Well, Gold has been offering discounts on the Characters for the past few weeks. I’m not sure because I bought everything when I first got the game, but I think each week a different character has been selling for a dollar.

I think we’re going to see it included eventually. It’s just no telling when that will be.

I assume once EVERYBODY is in the game. and to that I say: patience it’ll come regardless.

Why not with each release buddy mine gave up due to this. Should added each character to it when it released

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I’m with Red on this one. I think it would be wise to wait to have an “All Character Dojo” until we’re at least close to the “all characters” mark.

What character specific requests would everyone like to see in the dojo that falls outside of the general overall system mechanics that is covered in the Jago only dojo currently?

IMO, dojo serves its place. You learn what can/can’t be done given the confines of the game. Anything else can be learned or discovered through practice mode. Again, just my opinion.


Character specific combo trials.

Its one thing to learn jago and the basics but alot throw that out the window i know when i played jago im dojo for a week then picked wulf i had no clue wtf i was doing still. Till i got the bright idea to watch youtube guide on him

I agree this would be great… wish it would have happened already

I think people are asking for general overviews of character specific properties such as Sabrewulf’s feral cancels, Hisako’s reversals, Aganos chunk management, etc. Jago’s dojo seems to cater to him as a specific character in addition to general mechanics of KI’s combo system. I agree that this may be a bit much to take on and probably won’t happen. Dojo does serve the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of KI’s systems.


Couldn’t have said it better!
the dojo also teaches you Jagos combos that you may not think of doing…especially if you are new to the game.
I think it would be great and could be shorter than Jagos for all other characters…but there is alot that could be taught that cant be learned on your own and not everyone searches for videos or online game play to learn.

I know i learned alot with jago from the Dojo when i first got KI last xmas


I think their should at least be 3 levels:

Beginners: covers some of what the character’s can do. like their combat traits and combos.

Example: covering Fulgore’s basic moves and normals and combo traits like auto-triples.

Intermediate: covers some ways in which the characte’rs combat traits can be implemented.

Example: The challenge is to have the player build up Fulgore’s gauge then fire his Devastation-Beam

Advanced: covers some obvious advance tech you can do with the characters.

Example: Advanced combos etc.

The dojo should be used to help someone get to know their character more. While leaving enough room for people to get creative with that character.


Each character should have kis mechanics in it to. I honestly think having that for every character would help sales.im at the point i dgaf if they give half of season one for free with games with gold even if it was available for a week or two. I had friends be like i get it with jago but not wulf or orchid i dont understand how to combo with them. And refuse to play further

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I as a new player fully agree that KI needs this, every character should have it’s own Dojo tutorial, yes you can train in Practice but Dojo is so detailed that once you go through it’s lessons you actually learn how to use Jago, instead of just discovering the special moves each character has in Practice, Dojo teaches you how to link combos and whatnot which for new players is crucial. I hope this gets put in the game it would help A LOT.


I want this SO bad. Oooo I want it badly.

I fricking suck at this game.


i would think a dojo for the entire roster would come post season 3. if season 3 is the last one where we get a new set of fighters, im sure IG would want to continue in some form to add more content to this game. i know tech can be found with alot of hours in the practice room and going through the moves using frame data etc, but myself included, there are tons of players out there who are visual learners and must see something in order to expand their scope of vision. also dojo with advanced level combos for each fighter can also help build up execution for average players caught between newbie tier and advanced tier.

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EDIT: TL;DR Player-submitted Character Shadow Dojo Lab mode

but you teach the basics of Jago. and that was fine in Season 1.
Season 2 added a whole new bunch of things that shook up the game a bit. Hisako with her counters and delayed buttons, Aganos with chunks, Cinder with 8-second everything, Maya’s daggers. At this point, there’s so much variety that there’s a need to explain more of the systems to them in the form of a dojo. And while it may be difficult setting up Individual Dojos, what is a better idea that has been proposed is to make it open to players to submit their combos. WIth maybe a rating system from the people that have tried to do the combo to keep the trolls out (not the most ideal method, I know but at this moment, I can’t think of anything else.) Could be like Shadow Lab, in essence, but you pick a character and just search for the combos submitted under that character.

EDIT:- Dammit,@GreenHawk84 @JEFFRON27 & @FallofSeraphs76 already made these points! Oh well…

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Dojo mode just like jagos should been done each time a new character came out period

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