When Will The Final S3 Character Be Revealed/New Multiplayer Mode?

Hey guys!

With it being July and all, when do you guys think the final character will be teased/revealed?
Iron Galaxy usually gave us teasers way ahead of time, but this time they’ve kept pretty quiet about their final character.

That only leads me to believe that it’s someone popular from another fighting game franchise. That and the fact that EVO is right around the corner. Perfect place to show off another fighting game character. :slight_smile: Personally, I think it will be another guest character… so I’m hoping it’s either Ryu or Scorpion. If not them then I’m going to say it’s Joanna Dark. If not a guest character then, we’ll be saying hello to Mr. Eyedol once more.

Now about the new multiplayer mode… I think it’ll be a tag team match online. If that’s the case I’d be so content with KI and I’d probably try to get more of my friends into the game.

Remember this is all speculation. Not saying I’m right, but I’m going with what’s the most logical for the finale of this season. Now sum this all up:

I think we’ll be seeing our new KI face on the 15th of July and we’ll be getting a tag team mode online in late July (around the 25th - 31st) when the new Shadow Lords patch hits. What about you guys? What do you guys think? I’d love to hear who you guys think is the final character and what new mode we’ll be getting!

my guess is evo on when they release info on new character and shadow lords co-op on the multiplayer question

Stay tuned…

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Master Chief

I would love it if we got a silhouette of some male-looking individual only to find out that it was actually Eyedol with the angle adjusted so you could only see 1 of his heads (since the other head is behind the other due to the angle of the silhoette). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Alot of people are banking on eyedol.

Eyedol is the homie. For the multiplayer mode… Idk what to expect i dont even have a idea of it

‘If not these 50 choices, then I predict one of these 50 choices’