When will it be available?

Right now, whenever I want to download the game I get the message “not available right now”. I live in europe/austria. Is there a specific time when it comes out on Windows 10?

8AM Pacific Daylight Time is when the roll out begins.

That would be…late afternoon/ early evening Central European Time? Ok, thanks!

To be precise…17:00 GMT + 1

Still not available

What part of 8 AM Pacific Daylight Time do people not understand? It’s not coming out before then you know.

Stay Tuned.

It’s rolling out now for the x1. Some already have it

Actually I have it now.

Still nothing for me 10am here… What’s the point of a digital release if it’s happening so late in the day.

What?! It’s not even 8am. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya but almost all games go by eastern time. There’s no reason for a digital download to wait to half way through some people’s day. Just me wanting to play it.

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will teh 19.99 version be available?

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8am is late in the day? Not everyone lives in your timezone. It’s 10am for the Iron Galaxy HQ.

I’m in the UK. I’ve got it.

Well, the update is rolling because it is 8 am PDT!


Kim and Jago plz…

I can’t handle it… :sob:

Just got the update going on my XBOne. Let’s gooooooo!!!

Downloading now in UK

Downloading now in Cleveland Ohio.

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Same OH!!! IO!!!

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