When we'll have new KI novella chapters?

If you didn’t read KI novella yet, don’t read this! Spoilers ahead!
It has been one year since the last chapter of KI novella. Now that we have all the characters again, there is an estimation of when we’ll have new KI novella chapters?
** What happens to Eagle after being rescued by Glacius?
** The Night Guard members were attacked by ARIA, how she’ll convince them to work togheter to defeat Gargos?
** Gargos is coming! How the Alliance will deal with this?
** Thunder and Eagle hates ARIA, even so, they will work togheter with her to defeat Gargos?
** How Thunder will react when he see Eagle again?
** Aganos and Kan-Ra will work togheter to defeat Gargos? They also hate each other (actually is just Aganos mission to kill Kan-Ra).
** How Hisako turned herself into Shin Hisako?
These and a lot of questions still opened! We need more content of the canon history!


I’m not for certain, but I believe that instead of more novella we’re getting a new KI comic in September that will further the stories beyond Shadow Lords (and perhaps lead into a 4th season??).


The comic book is continuing the story so i doubt we’ll get anymore novella chapters.

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Oh I didn’t know anything about a comic book xD So let’s wait! I’m so excited to see what gonna happen.


More specifically the all-new KI comic series will be releasing this coming September 13 or 14 :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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Aren’t all/most of these questions answered in Shadow Lords?

And yeah, the comic is supposed to be coming soon. Nobody knows where the comic story will start (I think/hope it’ll start from the beginning), but it could start during/after Gargos’ invasion.3

I don’t know because I don’t have all of the documents in Shadow Lords, I have around 40% of the documents maybe. But even with SL mode, it’s cool to see how the characters interact with each other.

I don’t even know if the comic is going to be canon or not.

From reading one of those articles about it, the writer sounded like he’s got free reign off the story saying that he’s writing it to be open for a sequel and other spin offs of the comic. I’m excited but I’m not holding my breath until I know if the story is approved to be official to the canon or not.

It’s going to be cannon. MS didn’t just let the license go to anyone, they will be involved.

@MariusStriker keep collectining the dossiers . There is a lot of info locked away in the SLs mode.

It was confirmed canon.

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Alrighty then, guess that solves that. Hoping they don’t take to many liberties with the plot though.

The comics are supposed to take place after the defeat of Gargos, with Ultratech and The Coven vying for world domination.

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Indeed, but a lot of content in SL already were covered in the novella and/or extended story of characters, not all of the dossiers are new content. Even so I like to read them, I think KI has a great story.

Really? But they won’t even explain how they defeat Gargos? I think the comics must start or from the beginning (Mira entering Sabrewulf’s castle) or when ARIA try to convince the Night Guard members to her cause - defeat Gargos. Also some characters are lost in the plot. Spinal didn’t even made an appearence, and to be honest I don’t think he cares about the future of the Earth :smile: but doesn’t make sense have a character who doesn’t is part of the plot (except the guest characters of course).

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My friend on here created and printed out his own “book” version of the Novella. I have a copy of the files but here in America the companies wont let me print it like he did in Italy.
MS needs to let someone print it out for us to purchase.