When KI (3) is finally done

You know, as much as I’ve enjoyed grinding on KI over the past few years to learn new characters and unlock accessories, there is one thing that has bugged me about it, one thing that kinda sticks in the back of my mind:
What happens after online is dead, or gets pulled?
That being said I see it as an inevitability…it will eventually happen, but the thing is if you ever want to go back and play it you’re possibly looking at years worth of grinding (months if you’re hardcore) to unlock everything. So my suggestion is this:

When support is eventually pulled for this iteration of KI, do one final patch that makes all grinding much, much faster, or just straight-up get rid of the grinding altogether and unlock all content.
I’m talking all colors 1-9, all accessories, maybe even throw in Killer/Crimson guardians for SL (as well as making it playable offline)…you know, just stuff that is fine for grinding while the game is still alive, but would make it virtually unplayable/ unenjoyable once the party’s over.
Yeah, basically I mean pull a Master Chief Collection with content and just let us have fun with it all after there’s nothing left to gain from keeping everything locked up.


I don’t expect this game to truly die for YEARS. We’ve got a thriving community and lots of content updates, so that’s good.
But when it does end, it would be a nice thing to do.

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Even when KI development will be complete, it will still take a lot of time before devs decide to turn off the servers. I’m talking about matter of years.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was released in 2005 and their coop matchmaking servers were shut down in 2013 i believe (you still can play LAN though).

My point is, such crappy company as Ubisoft maintained their server for 8 years, so such online-oriented game as KI would hold approximately that time i think. And in worst case, only matchmaking would stop working because actual matches are p2p, so you’ll have to invite people from list.

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Nor do I, but I’m thinking about this is regards to how I look at KI Gold now. It’s not often, but occasionally I pop the cartridge in, and it’s nice to have codes you can put in to unlock the Gold, White, and Shadow colors for the characters so I don’t have to go back through and grind through all the requirements with each and every character to unlock them, and how this KI is like 100x worse when it comes to the grinding. So yeah, some day 10-20 years from now when I dust off my XB1 and boot up KI, It’s be nice to just dive in and, say, play Fulgore with his Tron-esque color 9 instead of having to grind survival for a week first.

I honestly don’t think it works this way. If you turn on your Xbox, put it in online mode and play you have all of your stuff.

Well… there’s still the offline modes… like… Survival… and… Shadow Lords mode…


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Also @WrathOfFulgore when online is pulled I might still be playing this game, I have a sibling who I can play KI with so I’ll never be bored.

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If I were on the development team and the final decision to take it from online play and cease development was made,

I’d suggest adopting the create a character model soul calibur finessed in soul calibur 3/4/5

A programmed local mode where you can choose the gender and fighting Archetype of the established characters and have 5-10 saved load outs for those custom characters.

I understand the odd archetype may not be possible (aganos, riptor) but most could work

( a male version of Maya, a female version of kan ra , a male Kim Wu in custom clothing sort of how in soul calibur you could make a generic version of tusk with nightmare or Siegfried archetype or a Kim Wu from maxi archetype )

i think when KI is done, it’ll be the new generation of consoles and theyll make a new KI for that.

My hunch is KI is meant to last as long as the Xbone. Not so sure if Xb2 will have a new KI but heres hoping.

That’s what I’ve herd from the devs.

IDK, I like KI’s roster so much that I don’t think a create a fighter is needed, especially at risk that I may not get to make my own Stalker or Fulgore Unit, lol.

I think create a fighters are only nessecary when the cast is terribly underwhelming, like 90% of Soul Calibar, 85% of Tekken, 20% of MortalKombat and pretty much 3/4 the cast of SF.

Yes but then it would be a solo choice for those who wanted to or not.
If you didn’t feel you needed to make a character, you won’t have to