When is shadow labs feature coming back?

since s3 launch the shadow labs servers have been down. “Failed to reach ultra tech servers”. Is this mode going to be re enabled again?

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It is up dude. I played it for a few hours today and a few yesterday as well. Are you on PC or XB1, also have you checked your internet connection? I have some wonky stuff happen to me when my connection is being derpy, like the game saying I am not connected to XB Live when attempting to play online even though the home screen shows I am, shadow lab wins/losses glitching out, shadow lab characters with missing body parts etc.

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on pc. wired. for me it’s been down since s3 launch. All other features work :worried:

did a search apparently its a glitch of some kind

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Ah ok. I was not aware of that glitch. Well at least the the people over at IG/MS are aware of it and are working on it. Hopefully they get it ironed for everyone having issues soon :slight_smile:

Most times you simply have to quit the game and restart it

been that way for me since s3 launch. I also don’t have a save shadow data option despite having 2 shadows from before

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Ok maybe is a PC thing

No, it’s not.

Other Xbox players have reported this in the bug thread including myself. I don’t have access since s3 launched.


Works fine for me.

hopefully you canget help then…

I play xbox one. And I still the get the error message. But when I press back to cancel it loads the game for me anyway. shrugs

The Shadow lab has been down for a small percentage of people since the launch of S3. There are at least 5 forum members who have been conversing and testing solutions with the Devs through PMs since launch. It isn’t a PC issue, or a console issue, it is an account issue.

The only real news I have is that today they are pushing out ANOTHER a potential fix with the Gargos patch.

Fingers crossed

I hope it works!

shadow lab was working fine for my PC version as i was on it last night!

Your having the same bug as me and 5 others guys on here. There is a fix in today’s Gargos update. If it does not work after today’s update…please contact James Goddard @TotalJimkata.

Let us know if this fixes it! I too am anxious for it to work again!

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My shadow lab has been fixed with the Gargos update!!! Whooooooo!

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Mine is working too again. Great!


Mine too! Woohooo!!!

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Looks like the glitch was fixed, I can access shadow lab again, finally! Thanks IG and to all in this thread for the info and help.

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