When i can play a GOOD game?

When already cease to scoff at players?

  1. What is such important changed in a game that it works worse and worse each time? ihave 3 PC with different characteristics. Earlier the Performance Test at the minimum setting up graphics passed normally but after several updates of productivity became insufficiently! suddenly!
  2. What such super cool in graphics of this game that she demands DX11? Graphics to put it mildly not good. i have one PC the quite good video card but DX10. but don’t have DX11 is required
  3. In general optimization of a game very bad. Be engaged eventually in normal porting that all could play normally and not just owners of top PC.
  4. When already there are ULTIMATE, no MERCY or Humiliatin? All of you do something… but the isn’t added except nobody f…g unnecessary skins!
  5. Why the astral panel is BLOCKED??? its ABSOLUTELY USELESS level. It is it seems the bridge - but it is impossible to execute STAGE ULTRA. I understand if for example it was possible to dump at any time from the bridge as in original KI on SKY Platform. But isn’t present… it is just level with the minimum quantity of graphics. also you know that? this level has only unique plus. its FAST!!! and even on my videocard it works most perfectly. (but ■■■■■! it isn’t enough for a game on network!!! since testing goes AT the heaviest level according to the schedule. why not to make division according to possible levels according to network? at least there will be a possibility of a network game.
  6. Loading… honestly speaking expectation of verification of DLC just bores every time. why it is such long? why sometimes hangs and turns infinitely? And if I want to play WITHOUT the Internet?
  7. Video animation. If in the first season there were also unique video clips (absolutely short) that in second a season and in all of SHADOW LORDS is stupidly shooting models of characters with the same movements as in a game. and in the 3rd season… you a harmony didn’t make for characters of the mode of history. I consider that you are just idlers.

Proceeding from all aforesaid.

I not just ask already. I DEMAND be engaged in normal optimization and development games! Stop riveting idiotic skins instead of normal changes. And productivity must lift up but not to demand super powerful personal computers. (to the word my minimum configuration is core i5 2.8 But even on i7 3.4 its slooooow…)

p.s. and yes. I consider the game price during this period " BETA TESTING" strongly overestimated.

p.p.s sorry for bad English. i think you understand.

How wrong you are, I have no idea of what you just said.


First off Direct X 11 is more than just a video card update. You don’t need a super computer to run the game, but you do need the right parts. Just because your processor is fast, does not mean that your pc is high end. Each internal part of a PC helps it run better. I laugh everytime I see a post about PC users thinking all a high end pc is just a fast processor and expensive video card.

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Game runs as smooth as butter for me on PC.

Care to share your specs instead of just this…

You can have a beast video card integrated in a terrible system without realizing it. Some games demand different types of optimization for the game to work, not just this.

I suggest also running a benchmark test on your system to get an idea of what it can handle, not just relying on a performance test in the options menu of the game.