When do you think Tusk will come?

So with Arbiter being the 3rd character of Season 3, when do you think Tusk will come? I’m gonna say near the end but not last since Gargos will be last but probably the 6th or 7th since he was the most requested at E3 last year.

Probably not for a while, I expect an original character next.

Tusk is probably going to be the Cinder/Fulgore of this season.
If he’s not the very last character, I suspect they’ll still hold him back until near the end of the season.

I would take a nice break from playing KI in this case.

Anyway, I wouldn’t understand it at all if something like this happens. “Regular” (or classic) members that they plan to bring back, should have highest priority in being brought back. Yes, season two is complete, but the game is not complete without Tusk. Just my opinion.

It’s not just your opinion. I agree.

I now think after the Arbiter OR after the next new original KI character :wink: :smile:

I hope so, I’ve been really anxious to see what Tusk looks like!

I have no idea when we see Tusk’s teaser. But I think Tusk will be in launch trailer S3 like reveal new and return characters in Season 2.

It really doesn’t matter to me. We know he’s coming eventually, and I’m equally excited to see new characters and Tusk. I took off my nostalgia goggles awhile ago so I am ready for some fresh faces and new concepts.

My opinion we’ll see The Arbiters trailer next with a tease of Tusk probably showing the bottom half of his sword next to his boots on a bloody battleground.

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Or Tusk in launch trailer.

I think he’ll be in the later part of the S3 roster (characters 5-9) with Eyedol, Gargos, and two original characters.

I would prefer for Tusk to be the next revealed character, and then IG could move on to their original and new characters.

Like Cinder & Fulgore, Tusk will not arrive until almost the very end of the Season when hype is at a fever pitch; right before Gargos.

Sigh I know, I’m just devastated I have to wait 3 years after KI was announced in 2013 to play as my favorite character from the series.

That is most certainly not confirmed. Could it happen? Maybe. Does that guarantee it? No.


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I think Kim Wu, Tusk, Rash and Arbiter are all launch characters in March with the other gonna call 8 characters (2 returning, 1 bonus, 1 guest, 4 new) coming down the line.

I think Tusk will be the fifth character in the line up, right after a new IG character.

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I hope so lol

This would be even better!

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