When did 'salt' start being a thing?

It may just be because I’m starting to get to that old fogey age where the new fangled kid lingo just doesn’t make sense to me, but before KI started putting references to ‘salt’, being ‘salty’, etc in the profile card taunts, I had never heard of the mineral used to make food delicious as an insult. I mean I get where it comes from…referencing tears, but when did it start getting used? Where did it come from? Why did it get so popular?

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Salty refers to when someone is upset. For example,a guy sends you a message how you are cheap and you have no skill after you got a perfect on them. They are salty.

It started getting used sound the early 2000s although im surprised you haven’t heard of this. Is just slang man.

Really? That early? Huh…must have slipped past me somehow. That being said it’s not surprising…I live in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, & there’s a lot of people around here that haven’t changed anything slang-related since the 1950’s…

…ever heard the phrases ’ There’s more than one way to choke a dog to death than on bread & butter"?? Pretty much same application as more than one way to skin a cat…but still…weird. Oh, & there’s also “worried as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”…Yeah…stuff like that gets said in these parts.

Wow I have not heard anything like that. Thanks for your enlightenment.

Dude were are you in Arkanasas? I live in North LA and have been to BeeBee a few times and also damn near got arrested in Fordyce for speeding lol…damn State trooper pulled his gun on me! He was pissed!
My friend lived on the edge of Conway, I cant remember the name of the small town but its between Conway and Bee Bee. We would go to Sugar Loaf MT too.
I went trapping with her dad and caught 3 coyotes…took them to some dog running club, sold them to those guys, they chopped off the males tail right there on a stump after putting a rubber band around his nuts. Gave them a shot and let them loose in a huge fenced in game preserve. they let there dogs run em down for practice.
It was brutal man.

Danville. It’s about 20 mi west of Dardanelle. My wife’s family is from here (I was raised in Harrison), & with some of the financial troubles we have had over the past few years her parents were nice enough to let us move into the house she grew up in. They had built themselves a new house & this one had been vacant for a couple of years, so they offered. They’re not charging rent, but we are helping to remodel it. It’s been in disrepair for a few years, & so far we’ve redone the bathroom, put in a new toilet, hot water heater, & shower/tub, cleaned up the yard a bit, took down a tree that was about to fall on the house, put a metal roof on it, done a bit of rewiring…yeah we’ve been kinda busy.

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I never heard of it until I began playing this game. When the meaning has to be explained then it’s an awful catch phrase.

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