When artwork official of kim wu?

When artwork official of kim wu ?

Lol that’s what I’m waiting for too, so I can make cool Fightstick art.


Tell em bout it, Ninja!

Can’t wait!

We have a good 6-8 weeks !!!

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That I must know and see :slight_smile:

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They said on twitter that her hero art was meant to be here this week but after said backlash they’ve probably put it off for a while


No! :sob:

Boooooooooo! That suck.

link? I just saw it was delayed but no reason given.

If it’s for the backlash and they are retouching it, it’s not a bad thing. Character backstories are released every week and most of them should use another round of editing instead of being released the way they are.

Yeah I think it’s about time we get Kim’s Hero Art.

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When is her hero art coming!?

It is a bit odd that she’s the only one we haven’t seen yet. Maybe they gave in to all the complaints and are changing her face and so the art had to be redone?

Totally screams redo of official hero art.

At least the in game kim is awesome!


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That’s probably her concept art not her hero art, since the footage for this was probably recorded months ago.

And the image if Kim is reversed isnt her sleeve is on her left arm

Is that the voice actress

Hope speaks more Korean like Maya/thunder/ Hisako

Dragon spirit / crybaby sounds so much more badaxzz in Korean

Here you go:

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*Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive *


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Not trying to be rude…but, what’s with Kim Wu’s face? She looks soooo goofy with that expression. lol

No, she looks like she’s gonna beat the $hit out of you :wink: