What's your Xbox crest?

Get your own Xbox crest and see your 2016 stats. My most play game is KI and my gamer score is in the top 1%!


Based on your favorite genre

You’ve turned every demon, monster, and necromancer we have into sobbing disasters who refuse to come out of their rooms. We’re impressed.

Based on your favorite genre

Getting into a fight with you is like getting into a fight with a huge robot with 20 arms, but the arms are just giant drills and hammers.

Based on your achievements

Looking at you is like looking directly at the sun. There’s too much greatness to behold and it might actually do lasting damage to our eyes.

Based on your gamerscore

You’re like a gilded lizard with the light of a thousand victories glinting off your terrifying scales. We can do nothing but bask in the light of your glory.

How you play

Not today, my friend. #playanywhere


People speak about you in reverent whispers in taverns and forums everywhere.

Reputation around town

You stand for righteousness and orphaned kittens, and have a serious bone to pick with the person who is responsible for orphaning those kittens.

What you fight for

There are a lot of bad people in the world. Sometimes they’re not people. They’re bug aliens, and they’re trying to take over our world, or someone else’s world, but somebody’s gotta deal with 'em.

How you got this far

You’re serving something higher than yourself: your team. Because if you don’t, pizza’s on you.

What you’re made of

You’re here to save sheep and throw axes. And you’re all out of sheep.

Uploading… Uploading…

Say how are you able to to take a pic of your stats like that?

I can only see my crest and the 2 communy goals, but not my own, is this because I’m on my phone? Or am I simply missing something?

What can I say I love rpg’s

What a beautiful Duwang

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Can someone explain to me how to do this?

Click on the OP link, sign into your account and it should have already pre-made a crest for you. You can customize a few options if you’d like.

Then once you finish you download the crest and post here, the stats you need to print screen, crop in Paint and save, then post here too.

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This is interesting, but definitely messed up. I didn’t play battle island at all - my son played it for less than two hours. There’s no chance at all that this was my most played game of 2016…

Thanks @oTigerSpirit for the help. EDIT: Dang - we have almost exactly the same Gamerscore earned in 2016…

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Anyone know why I only get the community stats (besides the crest), no individuel stats whatsoever :unamused: