Whats your gamepad style?

Just wondering how you guys play using a controller?

Are you all thumbs or crab claw style?

Just wondering.

What? I dont get it

For a lot of games I actively switch between the two, but for KI I don’t see how playing claw would help.

Claw style is using ur middle finger and index to hit buttons vs using your thumbs.

It looks like a crab claw hence the name.

Controller. I just play like I normally would with any type of game. If I really need I can add buttons because of the additional buttons on the elite controller.

How does claw even make sense in a game where you don’t have to use the right thumbstick? The whole point of claw I to be able to reload/change weapons etc in shooters without ever stopping to aim.

you use two fingers to hit light and mediums faster, and activate shadow moves…

How is it faster? If you ever had to press A+Y or X+B I could possibly agree but that’s not the case. Any combination you need to press in KI I just press both with my tumb at the same time.

You have a controller? Try it your self…

I play with controller yes.

pressing Y+B with two diferent fingers isn’t faster than pressing both at the SAME time with only one finger.

All crab claw. People told me to play stick and I told them I can’t because I gotta pay for another one lol

I don’t understand how it is possible to play claw style.

k so you are all thumbs then. :slight_smile: Its nothin to blow your brains out about…

It’s because I’m use to playing stick

The “Tekken Claw” can have some use in Tekken (or similar style control schemes) because:

  1. Tekken is a 4 button fighter. So bumper/trigger is technically not necessary.
  2. 1 + 4 and 2 + 3 input combinations basically require macros otherwise.

In Killer Instinct though, its not quite helpful because:

  1. In KI you can do shadow moves by doing L/M + Heavy Punch or L/M + Heavy Kick. Because the trigger and bumper use an entirely different finger you don’t have to attempt to press both buttons with a single thumb.
  2. KI is a 6 button fighter, so using the claw makes it harder to reach your Heavies.

I just use the standard XB1 controller, on the default button set up, held the “normal” way. This is how I play all games though, standard controller, default set up, held regularly.

This is true…