What's your favorite MKX combo?

My favorite is Takeda - Ronin 55% damage

What’s your favorite MKX combo?

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The latest update made so many bad variations really fun to use, I found myself playing Reptile Deceptive and Emacs Spectral variations. I don’t think I’m going back to the others ones anytime soon.

I know some fun Johnny Cage Combos. Nut Punches for DAYS

I like to do this combo with Scorpion: Y,X,B insert special move here

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Mine’s definitely the stuff I find with Hunter Predator. Found one that gets really good damage for one bar of meter, it’s just hard to open up.
Lay a trap, uppercut(down2) or scimitar command grab them into the trap, neutral jump 2 for ground bounce, EX scimitar command grab, 3,2, throw.
Usually gets about 39-42% depending on if you open with grab or down2.
Will post clip once I find one in my vault.

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