What's up with the international pricing!?

So in the US, the Supreme Edition on PC costs 50 bucks. Yet when i go to buy it here in Sweden, it costs 587 SEK. Which for those of you that don’t know (i.e most of you) is the equivalent of about 67 bucks. Why the price hike!? If anything it should be cheaper given the conversion rate of the Dollar versus the Swedish Crown. What gives!? I feel duped :confused:

EDIT: Found something even weirder. So in the US, the price for Shadow Jago is 9.99. In Sweden, it costs 98 SEK. Which is pretty much on point with what the price should be once converted. So why is there such a huge discrepancy between the prices, where Shago costs what he logically should be, where as the Supreme Editions price gets inflated to heII and back? Smells really fishy to me…

It’s closer to $71 ($1=8,26 sek) which is waaaaaaaaaaaay over the top.

Probably because of VAT. It’s the reason on Steam 1 euro = 1 dollar for the majority of EU countries.

It’s never as bad on Steam as it was here though. Usually if a game is for example 59.99 in the US, it’s 599 SEK over here. Which is fine. But this pricing is just ridiculous.