What's up with KI's online lag?

I’ve played a few matches in ranked today and consistently had lag in all of them. I even lost once specifically because something went wrong with an ender input during sudden heavy lag in a combo. Online lag has been an issue for the game in the past few months but it really hit me today.

Was it all the patches for cross-play and 4K support? Is it going to get fixed and restore the excellent net-play KI is supposed to be famous for? This kinda stuff really makes me want to stop playing the game.

(Edited title for clarity.)

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Its not just LAG its also frame rate drops in the Xbox X 4K version. They are working on it. We have a thread going on to discuss and share videos so you can help the DEVs. Its call Framerate drops XBX thread.

Try switching your XBX to 1080P…that helps some.

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Please don’t tell me the servers are down and this is the end of KI multiplayer u.u

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Don’t scare us like that


Nah, I’m watching my boyfriend playing right now and the game seems fine :slight_smile:


I was playing yesterday and it was running fine.

@FallofSeraphs76 - been wondering this for awhile now, but is there a reason you always capitalize the word “lag”? :confused:

The frame rate issues are XBox X only.

I capitalize lag so it doesn’t auto correct and because I like too :wink: And I usually accidentally capitalize the 2nd letter of a word due to my speedy guitar arpeggio fingers get ahead of my shift key finger and I dont always go back to correct it.

Ok, after playing a bit more today I can confirm the game is more laggy than usual :sob: , I’m getting very salty because of that :rage:. Lots of rollback issues and sometimes very but VERY bad lag.
This also happens whenever I want to try to play with a better connection, it’s like online gaming in general just hate me.

PS: right now I was put in probation for one match that got disconnected

Laggy Ultimate and disconnects, I stopped playing after that. And now (offstream) still laggy. Connection speed seems fine in the internet. Will try to play other game to see what happens.

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I had incident while playing Nx Yorsh and the game literally went slow motion. This has never happened before to me and it lasted a whole 40 seconds. We just waited it out. Really weird

Maybe is a problem with South America? if you happen to play against another one from this region let me know. I really hope it’s not.

Maybe is online mocking me as usual, my bf is playing right now and he doesn’t seem to have my same problem. :rage::thinking::expressionless::disappointed_relieved::sob:

Happened all the time again today too. Same setup and location I’ve had for years and this lag is heavily messing with my climb back through Gold after the bugged reset, especially against all the Hisakos. Just lost against a sporadically teleporting Arbiter in my promotion match 'cause the game erroneously gave me his death scream making me let my guard down and giving him the clutch. Which sent me down the ladder 300 points…

Yeah… I think I’m done with this game for a while. GGs everyone. :pensive:

Are you on Xbox X or regular xbox? If you are on regular xbox or XBS its not the system…its your ISP or your WiFi network. If its XBox X it could be framerate drops.

But lag isnt KI’s fault so quitting isnt going to solve anything.

It isn’t just SA… I was playing against @SneerfulWater57 and our match literally almost crashed. I’ve seen this several times tonight. Some matches I straight up quit because they were virtually unplayable.

This sucks. :frowning:

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The xbox servers or ISP in general are prob bogged down due to everyone is home for the holidays and on their new devices… its not KI the game’s fault. So dont spread that mis-info to the player base.

Um… where have I spread mis-info??

I never said it was KI’s fault. All I said was that the lag has been incredibly bad tonight, and in some cases rendered the online matches virtually unplayable.

I don’t care where it is coming from. I just want whatever to be fixed.


Im not directing that just to you…there is a lot of people saying this exact sentiment… you may not say the words its KIs fault but if not worded correctly new players can take it the wrong way and drive them away from the game quicker than they got started up.
Its not personal…just dont want anyone to go down the path of Vlad and the other conspiracy theorists and there agenda to destroy this game and community.

There is only one issue with the game right now that is a major problem and that’s the 4K frame rate drops. Any lag is due to personal internet or MS online servers

And for the record I feel your pain… I rant and rave and cant stand it when it lags or the frames drop.Im working hard on helping James get the XBX issues fixed. SO much so I switch to 1080P now when I play KI which sucks because the whole reason I got the X was for KI in 4K.

I have unique circumstances in that i will connect my Xbox to both an Ethernet cable for the best stability and whatnot, as well as a Wi-Fi connection. Living in the US east coast, I’ve played Storm whilst he has been overseas in Singapore with hiccups throughout the set and Ixion from Sweeden which has run butter smooth. I can recall playing against South American players like ST Dogloko (assuming, since the base of ST is out of Brazil) with not one issue but i also recall a long ago match with Maru that ran choppy. Point being, in my singular case, more often than not with different types of internet connections, i have had not too many issues.

I’ve also never really experience long stretches of lag or whatever. Maybe a match or two with some hiccups? A random disconnect? At worst, i remember a stretch of maybe 3-4 games where i was disconnected mid-match or at the versus screen (and I know I didn’t even get a probation warning for those, so i wonder what the trigger is if people say they receive it after just one).

The matches i ran against Ragnarok were pretty much fine except for one instance. And to be fair, this one ‘instance’ was him trying to low jump Shadow Widows Bite with me countering with Shadow Firecracker and it put all kinds of nonsense on the screen with kunai and dragons and whatnot. I know Ragnarok has listed many issues with stable connections, but for the times we’ve played, there have been stutters but nothing i’d call unplayable.

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GoW 4 working better than KI right now…Geez, really hard to play online -__-
Getting lag in almost every match. Only in KI. If there’s a server issue I hope it gets fixed soon. But considering holidays we wil have to wait.
Bummer, I really wanted to stream it =(