What's Thunder saying? Translations from the tribe

As I’ve been slamming people into the floor, flying through the air like a wet receipt, striking myself with lightning, and so on, I’ve become increasingly curious what Thunder is saying.

I decided to look up the Nez Perce that helped design Thunder and Eagle to see if they were willing to shed some light. Thomas “Tatlo” Gregory is the Nez Perce Language Program Coordinator, the voice of Eagle, and helped create Thunder’s “accurate” costume, so I contacted him, and he seems happy to help.

Currently, what we have is what he hears from listening to a short video I made. He’s not 100% sure about these, since he started working on KI after these lines were decided, but he’s asking others that worked on it to try to confirm.

Triplax: “Náqc, Lepít, Mitát” (knock, lep-IT, mi-TOT) = 1, 2, 3
Call of the Earth (on hit): “waq’íiswit” (wuk-EES-wit) = spirit, life, soul, living being
Ankle Slicer: “wéetes” (WAH-tess) = ground, earth
Sammamish: “ciláakt” (tsi-LOCKED) = body
Call of the Sky: “luk’upsíimey” (look-up-SEE-may) = polestar, north star, “without movement”

I’ll post with updates, if corrections come in


That’s pretty cool, man!

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On all the days I came to see if anything new was on this forum, I’m glad it was this day.


This is really cool. Thank you very much for posting this.

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