Whats the latest News on D-Input Fightstick Support?

As the title says I bought this game with the promise of D-Input support. Where is it? what news do we have?

I am not bothered by mods I realize thats dead but wrappers are bad its hard to pull off uppercuts or down forward on it due to some weird delay. Atleast its horrible in KI because joytokey works pretty good in SF5.

August 2nd xbox one sticks wont need anything

Killer instinct as well as many Xbox One branded PC games and games like Street Figther V needs controllers that are Xinput compatible.
Most controllers are Dinput compatible but not Xinput.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers are Xinput compatible as well as Controllers like Horis new PS4 controller that has a PC mode (for Xinput)
There also software that allows for Dinput only controllers to work as Xinput devices.