What's the difference between Xboxone version and steam version?

Is it that steam has a better privacy as in terms of an account ?

I think microsoft tries to gather information like google.

Any url that I can check the difference ?

What is this lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Both versions are identical to each other in terms of gameplay and content. And no, I don’t think they gather info. I don’t know how much they could gather from a fighting game if they were to.

Microsoft has a Reputation for doing some nasty ■■■■ so I only deal with them out of necessity.

Funny Enough… I don’t like Steam either but I do make some exceptions for them that I wouldn’t for Microsoft.

The key difference between the full versions of both titles is the ability (or inability as the case may be) to play ranked across platforms. Steams ranked system, as far as I am aware, only works within itself as opposed to the Windows 10 version working with itself and Xbox One consoles.