What's his weakness?

What’s aganos’s weakness? He seems unstoppable because of his ability to gain armor and 4 chunks slowing him down doesn’t seem to be enough to make him vulnerable.

Grounded heavy normals, throws and jump mixups, multi-hitting reversals and whiff punishes, tricky cross-ups.


How do you approach aganos? Which moves can be punished?

As Jago, fierce attacks render his armor useless if the player doesn’t like to block. Shadow Endokuken off a punish strips all his chunks. You could zone him out if you are quick with Endokukens and good at baiting his Shadow Ruin. You can grab his Shadow Ruin, but cannot grab his Pulverize, you can stuff that. And so on, lots of stuff that Jago can do to abuse Aganos. Just try not to let Aganos get setup with walls and chunks, unless you are intentionally looking to zone him. I don’t advise that unless you are looking for an intense challenge. A cornered Aganos is a terrible Aganos, against Jago that is.

In general, his weakness according to the Complete KI Guide, “Aganos’s enormous size comes with the natural drawbacks of poor walking and jumping mobility and a large hitbox which puts him in harm’s way of ambiguous crossups, making defensive play challenging. In particular, if the opponent can strip Aganos of his armor, he is left with perhaps the worst defense in the game. His slow normals and lack of meaningful coverage around his head make it very difficult to swat annoying jumping opponents out of his space. This is made worse by his poor defense to throws; jumping to bait throws is common in KI, which makes it especially challenging for Aganos to stop repeated throw/jump mixups”.

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I play Sadira so I can get a lot more off throws, but using them to knock him down and get him into meaty situations also works well. You can use throw/jump mind-games to trick him into exposing himself for a heavy normal or an armor-stripping shadow move.

If your character is good at footsies like Sadira, you can try getting him with heavy normals in neutral.

If your character has ways to dance around his head like Sadira does, it can be difficult for him to anti-air against your attacks so that’s a good way to approach a lot of the time.

And if you strip away his armor, his defense is terrible so lay the pressure on and don’t let him get away.

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What can fulgore do against aganos?

A good jago, grabbing, jumping, grabbing, fast heavies, teleporters, grabbing, projectiles, did I mention grabbing? Aganos is one of my Mains, and I have to say, fast normals, grabbing, and jump attack mess me up. The grabbing and jagos normals gave me nightmares for months, not to mention gargos and kilgore

Practically all of them. any special move outside of Payload assault is negative enough to be throw punished.

This is arguably Fulgores most advantageous match-up. Forward HP helps him get in while crushing armor and being + on block. Teleport mix ups help confuse Aganos into over committing. If Aganos tries to chunk up, telport in and use heavies to make him regret it. Heavy DP hits three times so it can usually blow through most of his chunks while still being invincible. If you are looking for more ways to beat him, it’s good to know what he is good at. I recommend checking his character page on @Infilament guide (shameless advertising).



Fulgore has always been aganos worst matchup. He has a 3 hitting dp a teleport you can’t react to which leads to mix ups that aganos has to make very hard reads on and if he messes up he loses all armor. He has long reaching heavies a fast heavy overhead that he can cancel into a low and a long throw range which coupled with Aganos large body isn’t easy to deal with. Fulgore can do just about anything he wants to Aganos and if aganos is beating you you’re likely just getting outplayed very hard or not doing things you should in the fight.


Grounded heavies, good strategy is to be in 3/4 of screen and bypass his projectiles with proj. Invincible move. Its fairly easy to do on reaction.

And do a lot of shadow counters cause he is slow AF. Even his sonic roll can be shadow countered on last hit easiest.

Be wary of his instinct. Its best to wait through it at full screen.

With Kim, his weakness is his size lol

I always get in and out before Aganos can try it

Only weakness he has with Kim is the person using them. Aganos beats her worse than he does anyone.


Sure lol

Very sure. Two of the top Kim’s refuse to play me in that fight now lol

ARIA’s 3-hit fireballs strip chunks like there’s no tomorrow.

R.I.P. Kim…