What's happened to Ken Lobb?

As times gone on I have noticed that Ken Lobb is less involved with Ki. What’s happened to him? Is he involved in some way with season 3.

I take it that you missed it when Ken hung out with everyone during the Killer Instinct stream just yesterday. You should check it out.


Oh thanks!

Awesome! It’s great to see Ken participating!
I wondered as well where he’s been-

Kim looks so awesome, but what was that ultra ender???
It’s in the spinal fight on her stage

That’s famous the “One Inch Punch”.

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I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for months :frowning: . I want him to confirm a few things and to sing a couple things, lol. Hope I can make it to Evo and talk with him then.

Ken and I had lunch today, actually.

Also, you know he’s my boss, right? So the longest Ken goes without getting an update (and offering guidance) for all things KI is a week at most.


Lucky :frowning: . I bet it’s awesome to hear his stories and brainstorm with him. Would you mind asking him if he could send me a pic of the denim jacket? Dying to see what it looks like and to add it to the website. If not it’s fine. I hate to turn you into a messenger boy, lol.

@TempusChaoti Stays ducking me it seems. I drove up to MS yesterday for that stream and he wasn’t even there :’(

Seeing Klobb was awesome though.