What's going on with Mr. Grimmmz?

Does anyone know what’s going on with Mr. Grimmmz? He’s one of my favorite KI players and my favorite streamer, but he hasn’t uploaded any videos to YouTube in about half a year. I see on Twitch that he still streams, but I don’t see any KI past broadcasts, not for a long while now, and other content he does doesn’t interest me. Has he dropped the game entirely? Is he preparing for KI Cup and/or EVO in secret? What’s the deal?

He’s a pro h1z1 player now so mainly streams that, he’s apparently interested in s3 however.

lets just say hes a shadow of himself now playing another game he also loves

pro h1z1

Is this a thing now?

he’s apparently interested in s3 however.

Fingers crossed.

Well he won the big official event they put on do yeah I guess so. I suppose it does have some viability as an esport (the BR mode that is).

Yeah it would be good if Grimmmz jumped back into ki. You never know, shago could be what brings him back.

Last I heard he got chased away from the game due to a combination of drama between him and some other top players, and the community constantly badgering him to compete in tournaments or calling him out for playing other games too much.

I still enjoy watching his old videos. I don’t know about the drama and I don’t really care, but it’s a shame. It is just a game but the drama is enormous sometimes, lol. Another couple of years and we’re on TMZ.

He is fine. Being an OG in his Stream and watching him when he first started as well as his YouTube channel, he’s just exploring new games. He has played tons of other games, not just KI. TBH, While KI does have some drama in chats, It’s not the reason he doesn’t play that much. He still plays it, just doesn’t stream it. I’m glad for Grimmmz, and can’t wait to experience what he does next! :slight_smile:

Except that he was one of the first big KI streamers, and dominated as one of the best Jago’s to have touched the game. He IS a somebody, regardless of what your opinion is on the subject, it’s just that…an opinion. You, nor anyone else can take away what he did with and FOR KI. And yes, he gets more viewers now, but when he did stream KI regularly…he had one of the largest viewer count when it came to this game. Normally I don’t reply to trolls or attention seekers, but judging by your post…the fact that Grimmmz and other well known players from this community rub you the wrong way is slightly satisfying. Good to know that you’ll be stewing in your place for a very long time <3


It’s because of him that I bought KI as I was watching his streams a lot. Felt a bit sad that he stopped streaming. Had been watching his vids for months before I actually bought my XB1.
Even after I owned KI, I was watching his vids more than I was playing myself, lol.

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Not a lot of point to responding to zurgoide. Aside from the troll and/or attention seeker angle, he (she? they?) pops up all over the place with no apparent purpose other than to hate on the thing being discussed, which is just inexplicably irrational. Other people would drop off and pursue things they actually care about at some point.

The thing that drew me to Grimmmz initially was just the fact that he was maining Jago, as I was at the time. However, I immediately fell in love with how easy going, friendly and modest he was. Coupled with great skill and knowledge of the game, as well as the fact that he never shyed away from going into the training mode and breaking down “secret” tech made him the best KI streamer in my book.

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You might want to look up the meaning of the word “criticism”. Calling somebody a nobody is not it.

@zurgoide Look. You know the forum rules. We are following them. We are not downvoting you, but your content. I’m sure if I said something to insult or say something harsh as well, I’d get downvoted too, no matter who I am. :slight_smile:

Ever notice how hateful, joyless nobodies are always convinced that there is some conspiracy to keep their reasonable points down when in actual fact no one wants to listen to their bile-filled polemic?

Just an observation, not related to whatever’s going on in here.

why are you even here if you dislike this game so much lol

Back on Topic though:

I’m sure Grimmmz is ok though. Maybe he is taking a break. Who knows. :slight_smile:

@zurgoide just earned himself a fabulous 7 day vacation to… anywhere but the forums.

/on topic

I miss grimmmz too. Great guy, great attidiude. Loved chatting with him at EVO. Hopefully we’ll see him again in KI.