What's going on with Jago attack frames on Shadow Laser Sword?

Am I just having an off day? I had a string of bad games as well as fumbling just some bad reads, but I could have sworn I read somewhere that Jago had invincibility on start up of S. Laser Sword. I literally lost a match when a Thunder hit me out of it with his standing heavy kick well after start up and into active frames.

I can’t believe how frustrating today was. Maybe I am just off my game. But I just couldn’t believe how much I was being bullied. I am surprised the matches were as close as they were. One guy was playing Cinder and just seemed to always be at advantage. Oh, and Rash… goddamn, that was the worst. How fair is it that Boot isn’t worse on block?

I don’t know. Maybe it was just me today. I wasn’t breaking accurately and I kept messing up inputs. My opponents were polite and they just played better than me; so I suppose I should just be mad at myself rather than the game.

Upper body invulnerability.

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Hmmm… that still doesn’t make any sense to be hit by Thunder’s standing heavy kick.

Must be the hit boxes. Now that I’ve cooled down, I’ll have to head into the dojo and see.

Upper body invulnerability really only helps with jump ins. Grounded attacks will still stuff them most if not all the time.
Same with how Lower Body Invulnerability only helps against lows.

I believe Rash’s boot is only safe if run canceled? You should be able to punish if you blocked a normal boot.

But I get it…Rash is a pain. Cinder too right now seems to always have advantage. You must have been playing a really good Cinder that knows the tricks on how to keep everything fairly safe out of target combos into light trailblazers.

Sometimes its just best to block it out instead of trying to push buttons all the time… thats were they are getting you.

Rash’s boots are always negative, run canceled or not (it’s possible to fudge this a bit in meaty situations, but that’s a very rare/technical case). If you block a boot, it is now your turn.

Against Cinder, you can DP out of any trailblazer follow-up. If you block the trailblazer, reversal DP will punish anything Cinder tries to follow-up with. Mash jab will do the trick as well, but that can be a little harder to get right in my experience.