What's a character you think is fairly underrated or underrepresented in ranked or multiplayer

Just what the post headline says… as the game has been out for some time now is there a character it’s underrated or underrepresented in ranked League Play or just the character that’s underrepresented in general that not many choose as their main?

Mira comes to mind. She was actually the first character I started with but her self damaging is not very newbie friendly. Though, I think a master level Mira player is pretty devastating. Maybe it’s just that having to manage her blood damage is not worth the advantages you get?

That’s probably the best answer actually. I think I’ve only faced a handful of mira the players probably less than three or four.

I’ve faced Raam far more than I faced Mira in ranked

I have faced Eagle less than Raam. A good eagle player is pretty difficult to counter though, because he has bird drones to assist. Setup might be a little complex, but end effect is tough to beat.

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Eagle is very strong in the right hands, but he’s all about setups and such. If he can’t get the pressure going he loses pretty quickly…

As far as characters that are underrated, I think KI’s bottom tier cast is pretty underrated. Kan-Ra especially comes to mind. He’s nasty in the right hands but is extremely difficult to master. Sadira is one of the worse characters in KI, due largely to her S3 changes and S3 characters being able to handle her, but she’s still very good.

You don’t see a lot of good Sadiras.

Agreed. Kan-Ra mastered is really nasty. I believe he has an unblockable grab which is highly annoying. But up close he dies pretty fast. I’ve played some Sadiras that seem really good to me, but I’m not yet a “killer”

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I believe we fought each other last night. :sweat_smile:

Eagle and Kilgore but but both are hard in ways other KI characters are not. Tusk is relatively easy but not played as much as wulf or orchid while doing wulf and orchid things and being high tier.

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Yeah, you lived up to your name. Forgot who you played?


Yeah, Tusk seems like you mostly want to play defensively and strike when you can. If you can get a combo you can easily take off half their life bar.

Tusk just runs at people and it’s hard to stop. Far MK cancelled into L immortal step (Light run) is plus so he can get frame advantage easily from neutral and force people into strike throw mixups. Light run by itself is also a really good psuedo forward dash (20 frames full duration puts it just a hair slower than the best forward dashes in the game and most of those don’t go under projectiles). So with the good damage and strong ability to play defense, he also can play fast pretty well.

Really I have fought a number of really good Sadiras. One of them was so good he juggled me out of the screen. There was no more background and it was just this black bar and we were up there for a few hits.
It was a nice view and then I died

Yeah, I agree that there are some excellent Sadira players out there. They move and jump so fast around the screen you can’t guess what they will do next.

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