What would you normally say when playing K.I. Online

You know, whenever I start playing in Lobbies or in Ranked Matches, I’d Normally say something before a match given how much I get into it like:

It’s Boss Time


Looks like I just found my next Prey

What would you all say as your own personal Quotes?

“I hope I don’t get rekt’d”


Oh, you mean like how they say it on TJ Combo’s Stage Ultra

guess you can say that.

I dont say anything, just stare at loading screen pondering on fight scenarios.

I also have inner tantrums when lag freeze occurs.

I give praise to Gargos.

“I swear to Gramby if somebody else quits midmatch”

Oh, I always have fun with this:

Aganos w/ default accessories - “You are but a pebble in my path!”

Aganos w/ warfare acessories - “You are going to tank!”

Aganos w/ temple accessories - “Prepare to get bullied!”

Aganos w/ dynasty accessories - “I am the great dragon guardian; prove your worth!”

Aganos w/ retro costume - “I am the machine of your destruction!”

Aganos retro w/ electric-powered accessories - “Tesla would be proud!”

Aganos vs. Riptor - “Many say it was the ice age that killed the dinosaurs. I am here to tell you - it was the stone age!”

Aganos w/ retro accessories vs. TJ Combo - “You’ve never seen a training dummy quite like this 1…”

Aganos vs. Omen - “Who will win!? Solid or gas!?”

Aganos vs. Shadow Jago - “Shadows belong on walls.”

Aganos vs. Glacius - “Ice melts in mere minutes, but stone? It lasts forever!”

Aganos vs. ARIA - “You may be of many bodies, but I have only ever needed 1.”

Aganos vs. Fulgore or Kilgore - “I may be a construct too, same as you, but I have a soul.”

Aganos vs. Sadira - “A tailor once felled 7 of my brothers using string. You will not fell me.”

Aganos vs. Maya - “You hunt monsters, but I am no monster.”

Aganos vs. Gargos - “A god you may be, but you are still a god made of flesh and bone.”

Aganos vs. Cinder - “Mountains can tame fire for millennia.”

Aganos vs. Sabrewulf - “Let’s play fetch, little mongrel.”

Aganos vs. Eyedol - “My club is bigger than yours.”

Aganos vs. Kim Wu or Hisako - “Oh, you poor, tiny thing…”

Aganos vs. Rash - “You are an unnatural curiosity that does not belong.”

Aganos vs. Tusk - “I too cannot die.”

Aganos vs. Arbiter - “Ah, a brave warrior! Brave, but foolish…”

Aganos vs. Raam - “Mole men live under the ground. I am the ground!”

Aganos vs. Spinal - “Your bones shall feed my flower!”

Aganos vs. Mira - “I have no blood to give.”

Aganos vs. Orchid - “One step closer are you? I’ll show you a few steps of my own!”

Aganos vs. Jago - “You carry a heavy burden. Allow me to ease your pain and give you peace.”

Aganos vs. Thunder - “Your need for revenge puts you in a corner.”

Aganos vs. Kan Ra - “There is nowhere left to run, old man; your time is up!”

Thunder vs. Sabrewulf - “So, you are the big bad wolf? Well, I am the Huntsman! Little Red and her grandma send you their regards.”

Thunder vs. Spinal - “Me - big red man. You - dead man walkin’.”

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When I face Jago I say to myself “just be more patient than him and you got this”

When I face Hisako or Glacius: “God give me strenght”…

A character I don’t particularly want to see?

“oh, balls”

A Killer rank, no matter their skill?

“oh, balls”

And more often these days than previously:-

“Yeah I think I can do this”

That’s about it, I engage in cheese more when chatting with friends, I do however sometimes sing to myself or be daft and hope they can’t hear on the other end.

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Silence…lol. If I use my mic which is rarely, I say “Ggs in advance”

“Let’s F***ing go!”

(Not out loud, but just as a confidence builder.

I say the usual
"Meeting a player: Hello there?"
“Before the fight: Good luck!”
“Win/loose: Good game, good luck in your next fight/match”

When I get tea bagged but win the match
"Your TORMENT!!! BEGINS!!! (Triple ultra at the end)"

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Wow, that’s hell indeed, Normally if I win a match, i’d Say something like

Target Eliminated


Try again in a few years (Sarah’s Win Quote from VF5/DOA5 LR )

But if they Rage Quit, i’d say something like

You cowardly Fool


Target has escaped, for now

“Oh, hello.”

"It sucks to play online streaming xbox to pc"
Specially when your ADSL modem only does 2,4 ghz and internet is under 10MB… :disappointed_relieved:

Usually it’s something like “Leave your sister alone and finish cleaning your room!! I’m trying to relax a little here!!”

…Of course, the mic’s always off when I say that…I think.

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“Ok, the last time i played (insert character here) they did (insert way they beat me or how they approached the match). Watch for that.”


“Mnn…pancakes with bacon…honey butter…”

“Oh boy! It is my turn to bodies you!”

#"-incoherent swearing-"
or alternatively