What would Omen's color 7, 8, and 9 look like, along with his retro costume?

I’m curious as to how Omen’s final 3 colors would look like, given that he only has 6. Adam Isgreen also stated that Omen may be getting more treatment when it comes to customization, so what would guys like to see in terms of his colors and his retro costume?


While it is confirmed that there will be more colors and accessories for Omen, I don’t remember hearing anything about a retro costume.


I should have worded that better. I’m just asking what would Omen’s retro look like.

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Honestly how much simpler you can get from his default? That might as well be his retro.

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It doesn’t have to be simpler, just different.

That’s somewhat what I was getting at. His default is so simple that no matter how different you make retro, it might as well be the new default.

I was thinking to maybe make Omen look like a generic, spooky ghost for his retro.

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For colors, I’d expect a completely black one, so it looks like actual smoke, maybe save that for color 9. He needs a green color, though that might be covered with his mimic skin…

As for accessories we already know that he’s basically going to get recolors of his devil mask and the other weird antique mask as well, its only logical. Though I’d appreciate some color changing for his default so I could have a red skin and a red mask.

As far as a retro, I don’t see that happening at all. Also I don’t see him getting a premium 3rd accessory set either.

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I would like to see a default Omen mask be another color than just really dark blue/black.

I want a green omen like color 6.

It’s be cool if omen has armor like yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur/Tekken.


7: Hot Pink

8.white with gold mask

9.ghostly effect is swap a watery type effect colored blood red with ivory mask.

Retro: highly sculpted muscle, with heart and veins glowing brightly from within. no mask no face just two glowing eyes.

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I doubt he’d get a retro but if he did, just make it solid black like Noob Saibot in the old MK games, a muscular man in spandex with a big question mark on his face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Omen’s color 9 should be the new purple effect for Shadow moves with a mix of Gargos’ green fog. THAT would be cool.

To be completely honest I’m hoping the “shaders” Adam mentioned in that last Shadow Lords stream are some sort of VFX like the mimic smoke. Being able to tack on some extra purple or blue particle effects to Omen would looks amazing.

I’d love to see a dark purple color akin to the current Shadow Move effect, in fact, there was once a glitch that can turn Omen like this…

In addition, those who played Season 2 Story Mode would probably notice the different Omen colors used for the cutscenes. I’m not sure though which is more cooler, the purple one or the cyan-ish one.

This could be perfectly a Color 9 for him, and I shall nickname it as Dark Omen, if you must say.


Definitely the Purple Omen from the Thunder stage Rain color change.

A white one as mentioned above sounds cool and a green one would be cool as well as he doesnt have that color.

Rash’s retro doesnt look any different than his default… so Omen could also have something similar…maybe his retro is the normal Omen shape but with Skin like Gargos and Wings always out?
I think that would be sick!


Well the @developers said that everyone gets a mimic skin, so that means Omen the Grouch (i.e. green) is basically guaranteed. Plus, the mimic is separate from colors 1-9, so there’s more to come.

Purple is also a decent possibility, since a) it’s the new Shadow color, and b) it looks good.

That leaves Dark/Black/Shadow Omen, I think. Likely with a different color for his circulatory system (like purple or even black).

Maybe another really uncharacteristically bright color would be fun too.


Omen as a flesh and blood demon like retro Gargos would be badass.


Yes Non masky omen for the win