What would be a good secondary to an Aria main?

Currently I can also play a bit of Omen, Fulgore, Jago and Mira. Omen is the one I like best out of those after my metallic queen, but not sure he isn’t much of the same as Aria. Thoughts?

Depends why are you looking for a secondary for fun or because of matchup problems

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I think u are the type who likes to pick chars no one picks at all onlin. Im mostly like that too. I picked omen , aganos and aria in S2 . Now i play mostly mira, raam, eyedol, sometimes aria. The rest i dont feel them anymore cuz s3 chars imo are cooler

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Anyone and noone.

Depends of what you are looking:

-Aria has several bodies, so she is a somewhat “stance” character. Eyedol is a stance character, and somewhat resembles her in that way
-Aria has assists, although she has to activate them. Gargos has his minions, who work as assists
-If you are looking for a pocket character, Omen, as you mentioned, it’s a great choice. Supreme(probably the best!). His rashakukens can be also used as pseudo assist, since they can be used to cover your approach and be useful for setups

It’s mostly for match-ups where ARIA might struggle. I like Omen’s normals and his overall slower pace of fighting. I’ve never tried Eyedol, though.

Funny that 2 months later I did pick up Eyedol and mostly dropped Omen. I had never played stance characters before KI, but I love them. Having said that, I still use Omen on the Jago and Rash match-ups. Neither have a good answer to multiple fireballs in play.