What would 4K entail?

When people ask for this what does that mean? Would that be something like a stand-alone expansion pack? Or a sequel that utilizes 4K? I don’t know anything about 4K tech. What kind of graphics upgrade would something like this mean if it was an expansion?

Well, 4K is just a higher resolution and achieving higher resolution with the current game is pretty easy provided your hardware is powerful enough. The PC version will already run in 4K. But increasing the resolution doesn’t add any texture detail. So people might also want textures that are rendered at higher resolution - which would take some work and also occupy a lot of memory.

The Scorpio should run current KI in 4K without too much trouble, and as I said, you can already run the game in 4K on a good PC. If people want a new game that was built with 4K resolutions in mind that might require something else.


4K is just 4 times the resolution than your standard 1080p television. Imagine your 1080p HD TV 4x more clear, sharper, brighter, better!

4K TVs have over 8 million pixels of detail.

If you want to see a comparison of a 4K game look at Gears of War 4, Horizon 3, Resident Evil 7, Nioh, and a few others. Search n youtube for comparisons of there game play resolution 4K vs standard frame rates.

You can see a difference but it isnt much to be honest. Only the Xbox 1 S and the PS4 pro can play in 4K. games that arent built in 4K can still benefit from the HDR feature in both consoles. It boosts the resolution a little bit.
Of course high powered gaming PCs can do this easily but overall its not much better looking than what today’s TVs can already deliver. But its definitely nice to have if you are compatible.

These topics are funny. I swear most people just want 4k, so they can say they have it. This is the DVD vs Blu-ray all over again. I think some look at it as a graphic upgrade. “Thinking a 360 game will look like it was made for the X1” this is far from true. I don’t think they realize that the graphics are the exact same, but the picture is nicer. The best part is that some games are going to look worse when they do this. I get the same clear look on a freshly cleaned TV screen :laughing:


It makes a difference if you have an older HD TV. For instance mine was from 2007 and now that I have a new TV as of 2 weeks ago Im blown away at the difference 10 years can make! lol

But technically 4K vs 1080P isnt too much of a difference if both TVs are current.

There is always a difference between 10 year old TVs :laughing:. I remember when I got my first composit TV.

I do get your point though. My 1080p tv is just fine
I like my all my things to run though a receiver, so I will wait until I find a receiver to do what I want with the TV.

Speaking of TVs @BigBadAndy… I had a conversation with Maxamillian about the TV I just bought becasue of the info he shared on his Youtube about it. It was funny becasue I told him and his wife that the only reason Krista allowed me to get the TV was becasue Max said it was the best.

We all laughed and such and then Max said "Dont plug it into the internet because Vizio was caught spying on people and Data collecting… it got really quiet after that. lol

Max is definitely a bit more odd and nerdy in person…but the dude is super cool. BY far my favorite Gaming celebrity/ youtube celeb.

Give it time and the FCC will give these companies permission “allow” them to do it anyway. The reasoning will be “if you want the best type of TV, then we get to see what you watch, like, and buy”.

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Im not too worried about TV data becasue it doesnt have a camera…but what worries me is my chrome book and I phone with the camera. Especially when you in the bathroom or getting dressed while watching youtube or whatever and the camera is staring at you LOL… I need one of those cheap camera cover things.

Lol. If someone wants to watch me on the can, or dressed that is their loss. It is truly sad if I am want they want to see :laughing:

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Sounds like a good time. I have to admit, if people want to spy on me they can knock themselves out.

As far as Max, great to hear you guys had a chance to chat. We’re all probably a bit more odd and awkward than we would like. And don’t underestimate how disconcerting it must be to have to make conversations with stranger who know you, but you know nothing about them…

Oh I totally agree… I must look crazy myself. His wife was really sweet too. She is so funny!

First thing he said about the TV was how great the latency is…then we both said at the same time …“1 frame of delay!”

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I remember my first HDTV…it wasn’t even a flat screen. It wad a 27in CRT that could output 720p (maybe just 720i) via composite…the thing weighed nearly 200lbs…barely counted as a HDTV to be honest.

I’m hoping they can eventually get everything down to 0 delay on frames, even for upscaling older analog signals. It’d really like to have a OLED 4k screen that I could not only play the latest greatest Fighter Instinct Kombat in 4k but also watch 3d movies ( because I do those) and still occasionally pull out Duck Hunt, or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, or F-zero GX.

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