What was the rationale behind reseting the rankings for Season 3?

I am a new KI player who had been waiting all these years for the PC release before finally being able to jump in and enjoy the community. I got the Supreme Edition on Day 1 of Season 3 for PC, and those first two days were bliss. I was playing in Ranked Bronze and Silver and getting fun, fair matches against people of similar skill. As I climbed the ranks my competition slowly improved alongside me. It was really fantastic, and I felt like I was improving and having fun in equal measure. I was ready to claim KI’s ranked leagues as the best online ranked mode in any current fighter.

But then Iron Galaxy decided to reset the rankings. Not just the Killer tier, but all of the rankings. At first I didn’t bat an eye at this decision. “Sure,” I thought to myself, “It’s a new season with new content, so it makes sense to reset everything. Everyone will requalify and be placed in their appropriate leagues, and all will be fine.”


For new players like myself who end up getting placed back in Bronze or Silver, life after the reset has been absolutely terrible in ranked. 80% of all matches that I am served are up against clearly much, much more skilled players who do not belong in Bronze. Sometimes it’s because I’m unlucky enough to be one of their qualifier matches, but other times they are genuinely placed in those lower leagues for whatever reason. The end result is essentially a broken matchmaking system until the rankings very gradually return to normal over the next month or two.

I just… it sucks. And I know I’m not alone on this. My experience coming into KI has been soured, and while I’m enough of a fan of both the game and the genre to stick it out until things get better I’d bet that there are a lot of newcomers who will be put off by the unintentional smurfs everywhere in ranked and never return. Yeah, yeah. I’m aware that losing is part of the game and you can learn from playing better competition. I’ve been playing fighting games for 25+ years, and I am well aware of the nature of the game. But I also value working matchmaking when I’m trying to learn a game in the early stages of my adoption. And that’s what hurts the most: the matchmaking was working beautifully prior to the reset. It matched me up against people that I had business fighting, and it did so without exception.

I’d appreciate it if a community manager or someone from the dev team could chime in on this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go get perfected and triple-ultra’d by some more Silver Smurfers.


The reset wasn’t the problem. The problem is the placement system. People are going 9-1 or 8-2 during their qualifying matches and they’re still getting thrown into bronze. Heck top 32’s are getting placed into bronze and silver, it just doesn’t make any sense.


yah the initial placement is a bit jank but give it a few weeks and it will shake itself out.

The problem is, I was a Killer last month. My first 8 matches were against newer players or player who were Gold or lower last month. The next 2 matches I was put up against pro-star players. I lost both and was placed in bronze.

That’s the problem. Going 8-2 should not put someone in bronze.

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As you are a newcomer, I recomend you exibition over ranked. You will play against people of your lvl, and you will have acces to a quick rematch option against them.

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Other games reset the ranks every time a season starts (1month in KI). Why cant KI do it once a year?

Maybe IG should explore using Shadow opponents for the qualifiers, so they can reset the leagues and run people through a meaningful qualifier in lieu of appropriately-ranked human opponents.

It wouldn’t be a problem if the qualifying system placed people in a way that made sense, but as it is now the reset has done nothing more than aggravate new players who hop online and get destroyed in a manner not befitting a functioning ranked system. Right not there is basically no real matchmaking in place because the ranks are all out of whack.

Sure, it will eventually settle down, but it’s really unfortunate timing to do this right as an influx of brand new players enter the game.

I think 1 month its too little time for the reset. Maybe 3 will be good.

The reset was crap i use to enjoy ranked being matched against fair opponents for the most part. Playing ranked mode now is terrible the match making is crap to the point i actually wanted to sell the game but as i own it digitally that was not an option. People dont seem to understand how much of a put off this is for new players, yeah u can play lobbys and exhibition but everyone knows its ur position in ranked which matters most .

The reset was necessary, after S3 changes and the changes in the ranked system itself the ranks where no longer representatives of the player’s skill levels. Maybe pro-level players always will belong to Killer but to all other good-but-not-fantastic players out there that got to Killer due to how the system is handled (and maybe due to an OP character that got nerfed hard) it was necessary to requalify everybody.

As others have said before, the real problem is that the initial placing system doesn’t work. It was also a problem when the current ranking system of tiers was implemented, people who where of Ultra rank (now the Killer rank) got placed initially at bronze or silver and for a month or so it was terrible to play ranked.

Give it time, eventually all good players will get back to Killer. Yesterday I already saw an improvement as I was fighting my way to Gold, I only got to play against one clearly misplaced Silver.

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Why are people blaming the placement system? Sure qualifying you into bronze if you only lost 1 or 2 matches is kind of lame, but so what? If you don’t belong in bronze, you will “promote” out soon enough.

The “problem” (if it can be classified as that) is that these people haven’t promoted out yet (AKA: enough time hasn’t passed for the system to shake itself out yet), and thus they are being matched up against people, who in real world terms, they probably shouldn’t be. To layer on top of that, right now the Ranked League is like a barrel full of crabs, where some people who are trying to get out, or “don’t belong” are still being pulled down by others who “don’t belong,” or those who have already been promoted out.

As has been said before, this will all pass with time. This isn’t a problem per say, it is just how things are at this moment in time. @ScOULaris you really can’t compare the end of last season to the beginning of this one. This is how it was at the beginning of S2 as well before the Killers were Killer, and the Golds were Gold.

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You answered your own question right there. Sure, it might not be a big problem and will solve itself in time, but that doesn’t mean this is a non-issue.

Yes, in time people who don’t belong in bronze will get out, but they are in bronze in the first place because of the faulty placement system. There is no rime or reason for how it places people, some that lost 3 or more matches are put into silver or even gold while people who lost only once gets put into bronze.

This problem isn’t exclusive to Killer Instinct, Halo 5 also has a placement system (that resets each MONTH) and it too places you at random. Even then it “seems” to be a little better, maybe it remembers where you placed in past times and use that and even when it misses is not by much, probably because Halo 5 has more intermediate ranks (each tier is numbered so instead of just Gold you have Gold 5 to 1).

In fact I think the system could be improved if only they used their named tiers as possible placements, so instead of just deciding between Bronze or Silver the system actually can put you in Bronze in tier 2 or 3 (I don’t remember their names).

None of us have all the details, so I feel commenting on a “faulty placement system” is all just assertions, assumptions, and ignorant talk.

KI, like all XBL games, uses MS’s Trueskill ranking system for match making, and along with that has it’s own internal ranking system as well. Most good ranking systems aren’t based on streaks, but rather deeper looks at a players record. I feel as though KI does this, but with the FULL reset of system, whose to say the parameters of “Killer” or “Bronze” weren’t reset as well?

The Devs have kept on saying that the system will even out over time, what if the system was built to do exactly what it is doing?

Lets start from that premise, and say that’s the case, then all perceived “faults” are just that, anecdotally perceived experiences. The system is matching people based on their Trueskill ranking, and placing them in the in game tiers accordingly; presumably based…whatever.

If you were one of the early ranked users (lets say with a Top 32 star), and you fought a bunch of Qualifiers, Bronzes, and Silvers (who theoretically could also have had stars, or were just gold / Killers in S2), even though you could have gone 10-0, there is a chance you could still only make bronze seeing as the system is still shaking out.

Still regularly getting matched against people with pro stars or in Gold/Killer while I’m in the lower end of Silver. I honestly don’t know which factors to blame the most, but the end-result is a piss poor matchmaking system that discourages new players from playing Ranked.

Honestly at this point I can’t even defend the developers. I love KI, but this is broken. Ranked is not working as intended. Before the reset, I would never be matched up against someone several leagues above me. It just never happened.

It would really give me some peace of mind if one of the devs would at least weigh in on this topic. There are complaints about it across various forums from new players, and the complete silence on IG’s end irks me a little.

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hated the rank reset too … qualifier was 8/2 (2 against star players) and shot down to bronze … even stopped playing for a couple of weeks … then remember the superiority of Killer Instinct and started playing again.

Just like they said, the ranks evened out a bit, started winning … and loving Killer Instinct again … back to 2 out of 3 matches now in all it’s glory

Still like the old system better (monthly reset to Gold), but it’s back to great Killer Instinct matchmaking and fair games (mostly) where if you lose, it’s not a mad lose where you blame something else

very happy only ranks reset and not all stats as I thought would happen

That qualifying system SUCKS…
Im back in killer now… but there is no doubt that it sucks. I shouldnt have to work my way back to killer…

Getting to gold and going 18 with no losses should be like…hey man,here you go, your clearly a killer… promotion…

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