What Types of Corporations Would You Want To See In the Next KI?

Given the fact that KI is set in a dystopian cyberpunk s hithole where there are no governments and corporations are killing each other with various tech and bioweapons, it’s a little surprising that there hasn’t been much thought with regards to this topic. What are your ideas on this subject? Would you want these to be playable? Like, maybe some RPG elements where you can create your own corporation/organization/cult/whatever, and those would inform the kind of character you get to create, including their abilities, moves, etc?

assuming the lore has not implied they were all absorbed by ultratech that’s a good question.

Well, the lore indicates that there are still a good number of competitors to Ultratech, although by and large these tended to also be Ultratech’s customers since they bought weapons from them. I could perhaps see some type of sponsorship program where in the event a fighter is defeated they’re approached by one of these weapons companies who would “help improve” them through various morally dubious means, be it cybernetic enhancement or genetic experimentation.