What type of fighting game player are you?

personally, I think I’m a Brain and Heart player with a bit of Body

I usually pay with my credit card.


good one, nice way to point out a typo; lulz.

Fixed, so Incubus what type of fighting game player are you?

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Might want to consider removing this.

I actually have no idea.
However, I do believe this very video and this very topic has already been discussed before… and I didn’t know back then either. XD

I am most likely mainly Heart though. I play fighting games because I think they are fun, and I am by no means a pro what so ever, however, I DO like to get into the tech and be able to pull off some cool stuff, being at least average at the game and not just some casual scrub… which I am, btw. XD

Heart 4
Body 4
Mind 3

Don’t quite understand @GalacticGeek rating scale. It looks like holistic healthcare to me. I guess I would have to go with corner and clobber and vicious tactics

The video clearly shows a 1-5 rating scale:

5 way above average
4 above average
3 average
2 below average
1 way below average


Ahh OK. Does it have to be great body mind? Then I guess I’d be
Heart 3
Body 4
Mind 5


I’m the 4th kind of player…
The Bad :joy:

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Can someone explain the difference between the three for the few of us that can’t watch the video?

Salt: 5

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Heart: 5(If I can DP, I am going to)
Mind: 4(I can come up with some tech every now and then)
Body: 3(My execution is alright. I can do what I want to do but I fail my inputs every now and then.)

"Brains refers to the scientific player, the type who spends time in the lab trying to find ways to optimize their game. That said, the almost limitless possibilities and situations in fighting games means it’s impossible to find the optimal answers to all these situations, and unfamiliar situations can be very scary for these players.

Heart, on the other hand, represents the emotional or feeling-based player. A player like this prefers mind games, baiting their opponent, relying on making reads, or as many in the community would call it, “yomi”. This kind of player thrives on the other player’s unfamiliarity with certain situations to get the win.

The final archetype, body, refers to players who are known for their physical capabilities, specifically their execution and reactions. This is the most straightforward of the three archetypes and tends to be the one that people unfamiliar with fighting games tend to think is the only attribute required to succeed. These types of players benefit from characters who have difficult links and combos."

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Body: 3.5
Heart: 4
Brains: 4
YOLO: 100000

I’m 90% Heart and 10% Brain.

I like to play mind games with my opponent and bait them into mistakes. The only time I go to the lab is when I want find out why a certain set up didn’t work or figure out how to do something cool that I saw on youtube lol.