What to look for in replays

Ive been wondering this for awhile now. There are days where ill set aside time just to hit training mode and most times ill look over my losses i had from my last time playing. Sometimes one or two wins as well. But i scan them for, to me, the obvious stuff…

How did they open me up on defense?
What mistake(s) did i make in the course of the game?
Was i using resources effectively? (Ie, meter, instinct, in my case dragons)
Was there adjustments on my side or theirs? And did it work?

I saw Infil’s post match analysis a few days ago and i started wondering if there’s both more i could be searching for and what you guys look for.

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One thing i look for is opponent tendencies. What do they do that i should have caught on to during the fight and countered appropriately. Also what tendencies do I have that they seem to have caught on to and what could I have done differently knowing now that they knew.

XComing from a 3 year novice, definitely learn pressure openers and what moves in your arsenal hit low or high and if they have supporting high or low followup combo hits.

This is one thing I love about @TheKeits KimWu and how much I’ve learned his intentions for her
Hisako as well.

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Replay mode is a great tool for breaking down your player habits and what goes on in your mind as you play.