What to focus on

So I’ve been playing since launch and can’t decide what to focus on in ki. should I: 1. finish character achievements to get there 20 ranked win achievements for everyone.
2.Focus on collecting everything in shadow lords mode.
3. Focus on mimic and shadow skins
4. Finally grind to killer rank for the ach
5. Focus on everyone getting to 50.
Any opinions or advice on mixing some of those ideas is much appreciated!

Well, I’m currently working on getting all of the characters to 50, and then I’m going to finish off the 20 ranked wins for each of the characters. I could probably kill 2 birds with 1 stone, which is what I recommend you do, but I’m taking it nice and slow.

what ever you find the most fun, man :smiley:


I enjoy everything in the game I just want get all the achievements and basically been playing since launch I feel I’m way behind others who have been playing that long and curious what to focus on first I feel I’m all over the place when I play.

Just focus on the achievements. Everything else you can work on at the same time.

I did the achievements for each character, helped me learn a little about each of them and see which one I liked best. That got me most of the way to level 50 for each character. Now I’m leveling them up in SL and unlocking stuff.

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I’m thinking I’d like to try and get all characters to 50 and get their 20 ranked wins as well. With the double XP modifier on my profile now, I can do it a little more easily, and the next double xp weekend that rolls around, I’ll use that to stack and really rank up my characters fast. I’ve been sitting on a level 27 Omen and a level 30 something Hisako, and a few others I’ve started but never finished.

If you get everyone to fifty in ranked you’ll be tournament ready

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