What to do in case of a flip out?

Block? Back dash? Use an invincible move?

What is the best option when Jago or Wulf players flip you in the air?

Depends on what your opponent likes doing. The first few times you get flipped out just block to see what they like to do as their follow up. If they just constantly go for more pressure, then hit them with something invincible. If they’re playing a little more conservatively then back dash.

You could also just break the flip out with lights so you don’t have to deal with the situation.


All of the above.

Jago’s flipout is easy to react to, so if you see an overhead coming after it, DP. If you dont, then windkick over the CMK that is about to be thrown out.

Sabrewulf’s flipout tech is much harder though. I would recommend blocking everything, which is hard, but once you know what to look for, and all his possible options, you can get a read and prevent it from happening again.


Thank you very much! I didn’t knew it was breakable.

Well, there’s not really any one good answer to give because usually when players go for flipouts, they could go for lots of things afterward and they probably have a number of possibilities lined up. One person may go for a low blow if you are doing a standing block, they may go for a grounded overhead if you are crouch blocking, they may attempt a throw, a dash under you for a “crossup mixup” etc.

Flipouts in general are meant to be hard to react to, and there is no beat all option to really deal with flipouts in general. Instead, you need to understand what that character can do when they get their flipout on you, and that just comes from experience and studying the matchup. Once you know the exact character’s options based on the flipout (because not all characters are going to have the same options) then you can start taking steps to guard appropriately.

For instance, I know usually on Jago’s flipout, his forward dash is not fast enough to cross up under me while I’m still airborne, so I don’t have to worry about the left/right mixup, just a high/ low. If performed in the middle of the stage (not in a corner) then I’ll probably be too far away for a throw attempt. For someone like a TJ player, they’ll usually try to roll behind you and confuse you on the direction to block in.

Most people who use flipout have a muscle memory “go to” scenario they like to play out, so usually if you can figure it out, you can defend against it.

Jago’s flipout is usually predictable too, and can easily be broken with lights. So if you can recognize a flipout scenario and anticipate to break it, you’ll totally ruin their pressure by resetting the situation, removing some of the white damage they’re banking, and put space between you and them to regain some control.

Each person uses flipout differently, so there’s no perfect answer for it. It changes based on the opponent’s tendencies and their character choice.

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First time someone flips you out, mash out a DP. The whole point of a flipout is that the opponent is at advantage and you have to hold their pressure/mixup. Disabuse them of that notion.

As a general rule, people do not put themselves at plus whatever in front of you so that they can sit still and block. They flipped you out to hit you again - that is the whole point. Using a DP on them the first time they do it will say “No. You are not allowed to mix me up in that way”, and that is an important message to send. The next time they flip you out maybe you block it out (or just push buttons, since they’ll likely be trying to bait the DP), but on the first one I think you should almost always DP.


Learn particular character`s flipout BnBs (from youtube videos or by getting bodied by them), so you know when to perform light dp. You gotta anticipate flipouts.

If you have Instinct, you can activate it upon landing, it makes it a little easier.

I had not much luck blocking, usually was guessing wrong.

You can also backdash but if opponent is prepared he will delay his flipout meaty and you will be back in a blunder.

Holding up is a decent option at times as well. Players to that to my flip out more than anything else mentioned here.

depends: Personally, I suggest blocking anything they throw out and and punish when possible.

I like to dp/invincible shadow move or just jump. Backdash is decent too but less recommended.