What the heck happend with the forums?

Everything looks more condensed any idea what’s up with that?

There was an update today. The forums were down, and didn’t come back up until about 2 hrs ago.

Not sure what all was changed though, except that red like on the main page of each forum.

The right half of the front page being a column for “Latest”? I can’t say I’m a fan, honestly. Looks not very good.

I think the line is supposed to indicate whether or not you’ve “seen” the stuff below it. I don’t mind that so much.

I tell you what, it’s super inconvenient on mobile. Much harder to scroll through and see if there’s anything interesting from the Forum Home screen. Having to individually enter each section (News, General, SL, etc) to check for new goodies never seems like a pain in the ■■■ until you actually have to do it. Kinda wish it’d be more “grazing” friendly again.


The only change I can see is the “latest” section on the main forum index.

Mobile is the worst.

Very inconvenient indeed. No longer do I see a preview of the latest topics but now I just see those irrelevant statistics below the forum categories names.


Forums are fixed! Thanks guys! :blush: