What other games are you currently playing?

Besides KI (and besides fighting games in general), is there any other games any of you are playing? On xbox one or any other console?

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Wasn’t there another thread like this?

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Oops I didn’t know lol, this one is a little different though. Anything in particular that your’e playing?

Nothing right now. Might get into some Xenoverse 2 soon

Does it have online?

Of course

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Horizon Zero Dawn
Shadows of Mordor
Salt and Sanctuary

The Surge (May 16th)

Resident Evil 7

Dark Souls 3 final DLC “At Worlds End”

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Currently Link is taking up my time in Breath Of The Wild on the Switch. Hasn’t been one day that I didn’t come across something unique or fun that keeps me addicted to it!

I am sad to say I still haven’t even bought Shin Hisako as a result of this! She looks cool but doesn’t make me want to put down Zelda, hopefully the last S3.5 character will make that happen and I will get them both!

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forza, gears 4, doom, battlefield 1, just played far cry blood dragon (i had a blast lol), darksiders 2 and for honor (hate the bad servers).
And if i had a ps4 then i would play horizon, and looking forward to GT sport. (if it looks as good as forza 6 from 2015, i will probably buy a ps4), but i looked to the closed beta, the car models are really great but i am not impressed by the track at the moment, looks better on forza 6. But its still beta so a ps4 in the near fututre is still possible.

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Dark souls 1 Dark souls 2 Dark souls 3 skyrim special edition mortal kombat x gears of war 4 Doom I love these games.

Destiny and every so often Diablo 3

Gears of War 4 & For Honor are the only things that can occasionally pull me away from KI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Been playing PC as of late
Heroes of the storm.Overwatch,XCOM

Puyo Puyo Tetris via Switch and Yugioh (Physically)

I started playing nier automata yesterday, quite a fun game.

I got Has-been Heroes on Switch, it was part of the pre-order Switch bundle I was able to secure.
…the jury’s still out on this one. Seriously though what is up with all the Rouge-likes lately? When did the new big thing suddenly become games that with wonky game mechanics and have 0 deapth but breadth a mile wide?

I dunno. It looks like it has a spark of something interesting, but still…I may be taking it to add to my Mario Kart 8DX fund soon.

After playing the demo I actually considered getting that. I agree. It was fun.