What Omen fighting style?

Balanced…Rushdown…Rushdown with bullets?

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I’d say mostly rushdown if it wasn’t for his projectile orbs I’d say he’d be full rushdown.

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then Rushdown with bullets?

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pretty much I guess

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I will now say that Omen is primarily a rushdown/rushdown-typed character

I always thought Omen as a Rush Down - Mind Game type of character.

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Its a bit more complicated. The problem here its that many people try to use him as rushdown or zoner, while he is a heavy mix-ups character.

There is a particular setup with Omen that can lead easily to a lot damage. Ideally:

-Start a combo
-(Optional) Use demon loop to prevent shadow reversals
-Use orda shield ender. Due to Omens three bars meters and given that his enders always give him meter, you should have one shadow bar
-As soon as posible, throw shadow rashakuken. Then the real mix up starts.

1- Jump forward and perform an aerial backdash. Covered by your shadow rashakuken, your oponent may be forced to block. You can now choose:
1.a- j. Medium punch/kick. Overhead that acts as opener. On block you can choose between shadow form for another mix up, a low attack, or a grab
1.b- Land and perform a low attack, canceling any normal into special leading to combo
1.c- Shadow form. This can lead to: landing faster and perform a low, airborne attack (overhead), and cross up for both low or overhead.

2- If you have meter, use shadow form and you are now in point 1.c

3- Use a low, jump and backdash into overhead, grab, shadow form… use them alternatively and stay unpredictable

Once you are in the combo, you can repeat this procces. Or you can use rashakuken/furious flurry ender to gain space and frustate your opponent with rashakukens/full screen demon slide into shadow form mix up.

And this gets even better in the corner. Surely Omen has good rushing tools, but he is more than that :smile:


I came to the conclusion that Omen and Spinal share the same fighting style, the Demon Slide Omen is a stretched version of the Spinal Slide Kick and hits the bottom, both can throw projectiles that can hit at any height, both possess a Exchange linker that allows you to change sides, Spinal runs to the opponent, Omen flies towards the opponent. Spinal skulls accumulates, Omen accumulates shadow bars, Spinal absorbs energy shadow with curses, Omen will preclude the use of the shadow bars with the Demon loop.
So in essence it is a Rushdown with bullets too.

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I whould say more balanced than rushdown.

Also, his rashakuken, althougth its a great weapon, its not so essential. Omen can win perfectly without throwing a single rashakuken in some MU. Spinal, in the other hand, needs his skulls in order to be scary

Only my opinon, though

Unpredictable. He can play a zoner, rushdown or balanced. He isn’t limited on a certain play style.