What moments of rage have you had in game?

I’ll start. Today I got a fightstick and am trying to learn it. I’ve already made a post about how I don’t really like ranked for the fact that I get put against players way out of my tier. Stupid me decided to go back to ranked to test out the fightstick online. What happened next was the most cringe-worthy footage I could ever have on stream. I was getting put against people that were playing way out of my league and others that were ranked out of my league. Playing against people in qualifiers that were way out and being put against golds killers and silvers. The amount of salt that was spilling from my mouth in rage was that kind of nervous laughter kind of creepy. I literally got so made that my body started to shake and stupid me decided to continue playing. I cut the stream just as people were coming in and told them I’m cutting stream. It’s hard for me to truly have those kind of moments but I guess I just wasn’t having it at all today. At the end of the day it wasn’t the game, it wasn’t the controller, it wasn’t the other player, it was myself and my inability to keep my cool, I understand that.


I’m wondering if it’s between the classic KI bosses or the numerous bad matches I’ve had in Call of Duty and the like. Oh, there was this game called “They Bleed Pixels”, basically a combat heavy Lovecraftian themed version of Super Meat Boy.
I love it, but it’s a very rough love.

My rage moments rarely happen anymore. The worst game I raged hard at was FFX trying to get Wakka’s ultimate weapon by dodging 100 lightning strikes in a row.

For this game, not too many. That’s mostly because I get the chance to play at my best due to how amazing the netcode is, lose fairly against good players, and I can pinpoint what made me lose so I don’t get too mad about it. That’s not to say I don’t get mad, but it’s never things that make me want to stop playing.

MKX on the other hand, it’s one of the reasons I quit the game. The terrible netcode lets me find Liu Kang players who literally just mash forward and whatever kick button it is and win because I can’t punish it for my life, it’s impossible to land combos that otherwise would have won me those games, and the fact that these people “winning” had the audacity to turn on their mics to yell at me about how I suck at the game and teabag before they do a fatality. I wonder how many casuals are actually left playing that game with its netcode and all.


I find I’m missing inputs and the troubleshooting is very aggravating.

… Soon I will get to replace the stick switches with an optical. That may alleviate some frustration.

Otherwise, I’m great at recognising my bad habits and don’t get mad at those :wink:

Just as a side note, I really love your picture. Gregg is the best.

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Every time I fight a jumping jago. It infuriates me to no end. The moment I see three up-backs in a row followed by a heavy windkick I just get filled with so much anger that I can’t focus on the fight and start playing stupid and then I lose. Hero of time, no problem. Jago blake, no problem. Bronze tier jumping jago? I get bodied.

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My biggest rage moments were against (very hard) Orchid trying to get to Shadow Jago back when I first got the game last December. Then Shago himself…lol

Also in the old Ranked… climbing up to level 9 , which was so hard then, and then dropping down to 1 within a mater of minutes it seamed like. I just went ballistic and swore never to play ranked again…and I didn’t until Ranked leagues came out. It still frustrates me …

I had a pretty tough time against Omen in Arias story mode too.

It’s never a good idea to play a super competitive game when you’re already stressed out and tired from real life things. I did this and when I was underperforming (poor execution/ bad reads), I just ripped my shirt off, Hulk Hogan style. I was done lol


Well put. Like Luke Skywalker in the cave, you find what you bring with you into the game. Sadly, I tend to play at night when I am tired and therefore often don’t perform all that well. But rage comes with me from other things and I know I should just walk away. There’s nothing worse than doing poorly and just thinking “one more game. I’ll quit after I get a good win…” You are always better off walking away.

KI is pretty fair, and even when I’m getting stomped I usually don’t get too bent. The only thing that sets me off is losing to somebody spamming something that I haven’t figured out how to counter because I don’t know the matchup or have much experience playing against that character. A couple of times last week I ran into Mayas who just jumped over Glacius with crossups and kept the frame traps going with daggers. I’m sure there’s a way around it, but everything I tried got me crushed…


Killer Instinct season 1/2 - Shadow Jago.
Grabbed by the Ghoulies - Grim always chase me!! He won’t stop!!
Custom Robo - Rahu III.
Battletoads - all bosses
Battletoads arcade - all bosses
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Shao Kahn defeat me a lot! I was fight him for 3 hours annnnnd he lose!

Good luck with the stick. I’ve heard they are hard to learn if your not used to it.

It’s all about patience. If that’s all he’s doing, wait till he wind kicks then punish it.

It’s easy for me to get very salty in any game. One really bad time I was in CheatCode’s tournament and I lost 3-0 to Waterhorses. I ended up muting everyone in the party who was making fun of my anger…it was pretty embarrassing on my end. Some of the guys in that party are still holding that crap over my head, calling me childish. It’s not like I can argue with them.

The game I get the most salty in is Smash Bros., and I need not explain why.

Challenging Shadows in Shadow Lab should be pretty good for learning to use a stick without getting bodied in ranked by some t-bagger. The Shadows will t-bag too, but that doesnt really count :smile:

Not exactly a moment of rage for me. It was for him. This guy was about to opener ultra me but he did a shadow DP instead so I broke it,instinct canceled into hype beam. Didn’t record it unfortunately but he message me with some bad stuff.

ok my list…

kingdom hearts 2 - sephiroth fight
tony hawk (ps2, undergound/U2)- trying to land a huge ■■■ combo, then bail
killer instinct- shadow jago
call of duty- multiplayer
gta san andreas- the infamous train mission
Every Game that crashes in the middle of a hard boss fight that was so hard to get too( especially if you cant save to get there like USF4 oni)
im naturally not a rager, but that last thing i said can really set me off especially since it happens more commonly at this time around.