What kind of sword is Tusk using in season 3?

Longsword, Gallowglass, Claymore? Also would it be practical in real life?

It’s a greatsword. I believe they said that in his livestream.
Also… does it matter what classification the sword has?

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It does matter if he can perform a murder stroke on an opponent like say Fulgore.

The classification of his sword doesn’t have anything to do with that.

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Oh but it does matter. English, Irish, Scottish, and Norse swords were all perfect weapons to perform a murder stroke. A murder stroke is a technique that involves a swordsman to grab the sword by the blade with both hands and bash the opponent with a sword’s cross guard. This was done to pound through heavy amour. C’mon you mean you would not want to see Tusk bash through Fulgore’s armor plated frame like it was no ones business.


This shows Tusk’s gameplay. All his moves, how he handles his sword. Do you see him doing that… do you mean to write “murder stroke”?

Anyways, KI has its own rules. You deplete a health bar by hitting eachother and there’s no battle damage or instant deaths, so doing one move won’t kill your opponent or have their armour ripped to shreds.

So no matter what sort of classification Tusk’s greatsword has, it’s of no consequence.


Still a badass thought

That… is a completely different topic all-together, but I’m sure it is. XD

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Somehow I don’t think it really matters when he already takes a massive, super-heated sword in his 2 equally massive hands and slings it full-force (and keep in mind that this is Tusk we’re talking about here) from behind his back and down onto your head…

Pretty sure it’s a great sword. Maybe an ultra great variant

I believe, officially, it’s a giant video game sword.


Giant ANIME sword is the name I believe

Not really, since KI isn’t anime. So… no.

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Hence my kappa face

I know.

What you mean they are all Buster Blades. #aintIastinker

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Anyone who knows what a “murderstroke” means is also capable of looking at the sword and determining that no, that shape would not be conducive to such a move and that it’s very clearly like no real-world sword.

I let Tusk borrow one of my practice greatswords while my dragonslayer was at the blacksmith.