What kind of kinect games would you try and why?

I think fighting games would work out well but it would need to start from an Alpha.

Shooters with rifle and pistol acessories similar to what the WII had in COD4 with the zapper which was pretty good, so think about what the kinect could do with that.

Kinect has a lot of potential and when the occulus or what ever comes out forget about it.

id rather just hit buttons tbh. Its ok for using menus and all but id rather keep it out of gameplay

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What kinect games have you played?

some water game and a fitness one lol

Light guns are probably the closest thing to motion control I’d be likely to enjoy, unfortunately. I’d rather wait for the technology to improve in a tangible way, but even then I’d prefer to use a pad or mouse and keyboard.
Mostly a personal thing, though. Unless there’s some sort of peripheral I’ve never been super fond of motion controls. If something really good could come along and change my mind, that would be swell. Until then, I’m probably going to keep on mashing my buttons.

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I don’t know why no one’s done something as simple as a first person beat’em up. Also a god game or strategy game akin to Black and White that makes use of motion and voice control.

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