What is your character's worst matchup?

I pretty much exclusively play Aganos, so when I hear someone say “this is a bad matchup for (blank)” in a stream/tournament, I don’t immediately understand all of the intricacies that make it so - particularly for the more “traditional” characters like Jago, Orchid, and Thunder. To me (someone who doesn’t play them much), they all have DPs, overheads, and viable backdashes that should bring balance to many matchups.

I doubt the results from the Season 2 survey will be released (were they released for Season 1?), so I thought I’d ask here. Give your worst matchup and reasons why.

Don’t forget that this is all opinion, and no one will agree with everything you say, unless you’re Infil.

Bonus Question: What do you think is the worst matchup in the game?


Base on my personal experience so far, My main vs worst MU in order:

Riptor < Kan-ra

Aganos < Maya or jago

Spinal < Thunder or glacius

Edit Bonus: I can’t really say the worst without being bias but the most fun is aganos vs aganos

The rest I don’t really know

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Sadira < Jago
Sadira < Wulf
Sadira < Kanra

Kanra< JAGO
Kanra< Wulf
Kanra< Aganos


Kanra =/= Cinder (Seems like a game of tag.)


The more I think about it, I think Cinder’s worst match-up is actually Spinal and not Glacius. Because if Spinal knows all the holes in Cinder’s pressure, he has the ability to Power Devour his moves and get free skulls and preventing a lot of Cinder’s options. That might just be me though.

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As Aganos main, my worst MU is Maya.

If she manages to knock me down without chunks (and due her mobility, its not hard), I’m basically stucked in mix-up city for a while. Her daggers are hard to flick or avoid, making Aganos size a quick dagger meter fuel. During her instinct she can start throwing daggers to refill really quicky her dagger meter, and they give poor shadow meter on block IMO.
Mantis punishes really hard a knockdown, cause Maya hasn’t to reach the peak of her jump to mix up between an airborne (overhead) attack or mantis (only avoidable being crouch).

IMO mantis should be revisited. Right now its a bit unfair. Even can get you out of ruin or natural disaster.

Also, what is your worst MU for Aganos @leoferreis? You have a deep knowledge about Aganos and I’m interested in your opinion

Edit: IMO this is also the worst MU of the game, but maybe I’m a bit biased

I would say Maya is my worst matchup.

I main Jago and her air grabs make it hard to DP since I am not familiar with the timing as of yet. Also her dagger pressure and unblockable is tough to deal with when she forces Jago to play defensively, which is a lot easier then people realize (assuming the player knows how to play a mean Maya). When Jago is forced to be defensive it is difficult to block her mix-ups and ultimately punish her.

I will go ahead and say that based on ThompxSon and RM JagoBlake’s experience with Maya, it seems like she does slightly have an edge over Jago despite his Tiger Spirit instinct.

Then again, maybe it is just me, but I do feel as if Maya is tougher to handle for Jago.

My mains (Aganos and Omen) both struggle severely against Maya and Spinal. I have real trouble avoiding daggers and I often feel helpless when fighting Maya with any character. Ironically, I don’t really struggle in Aganos Vs. Kan Ra. I think the matchup is actually pretty equal because if Aganos can get in s, he can beat out any of Kan Ras defensive options.

As an Aganos main, I would initially agree with Dayv0 regarding Maya, but it’s so rare that I fight a good Maya, that I don’t generally consider that a bad matchup.

For me, in my experience, my worst matchup is almost always Fulgore. He has the ability to cancel his specials for easy 50/50 mixups and can do so using his teleport, DP, and throw. His projectiles are also good for zoning, especially with meter (his up laser, in particular, can hit you, even if you’re grounded, from half-screen away and not miss due to the golem’s large hitbox). In addition for some reason that I still can’t fathom, I still get locked out by Fulgore often, which is upsetting because I know how to read his ADs and linkers, but it seems like every time I play a new Fulgore, his momentum changes, sometimes even mid-fight - and it’s not just his movement speed with shadow pips either. It often feels like the rhythm of his attacks come really quickly regardless of which ADs he uses while at other times there’s almost a cadence to it that’s slower, but surprisingly deadlier.

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I think it’s Spinal and Sadira for me. Spinal because if he can outspace Jago, He can take Meter and Instinct away, which leaves Jago defenseless. Cough Combo Break Instinct Cancel CoughAnd Sadira, because of her mixup potential. She forces you to block in every direction.

I use Fulgore and Spinal is a bad match up for me.

I main Orchid, and after recently playing CR Cupcake I can easily say my worst matchup is Aganos.

Yeah, Maya.

In general, it’s tough for Aganos when the opponent can fill the space where his normals reside with multiple, fast, projectiles. Against Maya, there’s always a dagger in that area, and it’s flying faster than any other projectile in the game. To either flick it or Shadow Ruin through it, you almost have to input it pre-emptively. If I’m not blocking 4 straight daggers, I’m messing up the timing on a flick, which is really worth about 3 chunks with the long hit-stun on her daggers and the additional armor-stun.

  • A neutral jump + dagger beats Shadow Natural Disaster anti-air since she gets up and down so fast with her jump.
  • Her dashes go underneath his fastest normal and his longest range normal.
  • It’s never safe to pick up a chunk in neutral.
  • It’s nearly impossible for her to miss on a dagger.

What Aganos has going for him is that he can separate her from her daggers with a wall. The problem is if you’ve managed to get to that situation, she’s probably a hit or two away from Instinct, where it doesn’t matter anymore and she can throw daggers like it’s going out of style.

I’d say it’s the worst matchup in the game, but I don’t know what people who don’t play Aganos would say.

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Well I play Aria, I’d say in the neutral game she doesn’t have any bad match ups. Depending on the body she’s good up close, she’s good at a distance, she’s good at zoning, she’s good on the ground, she’s good in the air, and her mobility is amazing. However when it comes to combos, high damage and burst damage characters destroy her. Wulfs, Thunders, and Glaciuses have landed way too many 100% combos on me thanks to a simple lock out or reset.

I play Omen and Cinder.

Cinders worst matchup, by far, is Wulf. 50/50 and dashthroughs for days!!!

I think Omen can go at it just fine with just about anyone. But If I had to pick, I would say Spinal because he can take Omen’s most valuable resources… his Shadow and Instinct Meter.

**Bonus Answer: The worst match up by far in the game is Aganos vs Omen because if Omen blocks any of Aganos’s Ruin moves, Omen can easily perform a Demonic Despair. **

For my Cinder: Glacius. While I’ve gotten the better hand of fighting Glacius if it’s one thing people don’t get is how strong Glacius actually is. If you don’t do anything to make your approach safer; Glacius can just mow you down. Glacius has strong defenses and they are no more apparent than in this match up.

However the sunny side to this is you can use your Pyro-Bombs to keep Glacius from doing to many silly things so it can give you some leverage. This MU is challenging but also fun.

Against my brother @Justathereptile it’s a matter of who can troll who first. lol

For my Fulgore: Sadira. Simply because your only best anti-air option at this point is cyber uppercut since Sadira can just just double jump over your H-laser. She can also throw her daggers in air and is usually right on top of you; you have to block it.

The issue really lies here: shortly after doing her air-daggers and while in recovery she can stomp straight down using the down-mk attack which will trump any attempts to punish.

I am speaking of course from my experience maybe some other Fulgore players have an easy time with this fight, but for me it’s not exactly the most fun MU in the game. Probably why I don’t like fighting Sadira that much.

For my Riptor: it’s really Jago because he’s pretty strong on defense by comparison, but he’s not that bad as far as MU’s concern. Hell last week I beat two different Jagos consecutively because I was being way more careful.

I, uh… hmm. I can’t tell if this is a compliment or sarcasm. lol

Anyway, I think the worst matchup in the game is either Kan-Ra > Thunder or Maya > Aganos.

Obviously a compliment

Can you elaborate in those match ups? Do you see any solution to them?

As an Aganos main, I eat Omens for breakfast. Interestingly enough, I’ve never had an Omen try this against me. I would like to see them try (since I’m not just going to freely throw out my ruins like there’s no tomorrow). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I generally have the most trouble with Jago and Kan-Ra (unless I’m using Fulgore, who I can use to squish a few bug happy Ras once in a while.)
Worst matchup in the game? Well, a lot of bad matchups can go both ways - zoner vs a rush/grappler for instance- so its hard to say, but generally the character that can use their craziest gimmicky stuff without issue is the one that will do the most hurt. I may be showing my bias here, but Kan-Ra vs Wulf or Thunder can be pretty painful.

A compliment in the form of a joke with a bit of truth to it.