What is with all the miss-matched armor colors on Shago's skins? (Feedback/Suggestion)

I know the likelihood of them going back and fixing any of the colors is slim but I figured I’d voice my opinion anyway. Overall Shadow Jago turned out amazingly well but his colors are a little lacking, I’ll go into further detail below.

Many of Shago’s skins have random colors on the armor pieces.

I’m not sure why the artists in charge decided to miss-match all of Shago’s armor but it looks a little wonky now, as you can see here. Plus his sword should match his armor color, all but one skin has a silver sword. Normal Jago’s weapon changes colors with his armor color.

  • Color 2: For some reason the knee pads are black instead of silver like they used to be.
  • Color 4: All of the armor is copper/bronze but the chains are black.
  • Color 5: All armor is copper but chains are silver.
  • Color 9: Mask/Bracers/Shin are copper. Chains and sword are black, knees are silver…

The armor colors don’t really compliment the skin colors.

None of the armor colors really work together with their skins. Shago has always had a blue/silver look but for some reason nearly all of his skins have adopted a brownish copper hue. I think many of the skins would look better not only if the colors matched but if they were silver instead of brown.

Look how much better color 5 is with blue/silver armor instead.

Shadow Jago needed more SKIN colors.

Like Hisako, it would have been amazing to have a green skinned Shago with green clothes or a red skinned Shago with red clothes. Or a solid black “Noob” colored skin as a nod to MK and the “shadow” in Shadow Jago. I think it was a big missed opportunity to make some fantastic skins for this character.

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Yeah a lot of his color combinations don’t make sense and are just plain ugly. The only ones I can say are genuinely good at 1, 2, and 9.

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I agree there for the most part. I do like color 8 with the orange parts because it actually looks okay with the copper armor color. I hate how the knees on color 2 were needlessly darkened though.