What is up with Mira's colors?

They’re all so… random.

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I love them all. Makes a nice change cause the rest of the characters only have a few a like

Guess I’m just picky, they’re all so random and uncoordinated. Plus only ONE of the arm bracers changes colors. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahd her hair is still the same color…


Her default retro boots not changing colour has got to be a bug, right?

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I hate every one of them. I wanted pin up mira wanted more sex appeal

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Most of them look weird and random because they were made to fit a specific accessory set. Overall though I really dislike all of her color choices except for default :frowning:

But yeah certain parts of the character not changing to match the color chosen is peculiar, and hopefully something that will be resolved with the 3.2 patch next month.

Her color 9 is inspired by Jack Skellington, just wanted to point that out.

Colors won’t change

See kim Wu bridal brawl accessories

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