What is the your config? Working?


Working good? (1 to 10)?
Just state your config, and if it’s working.

No matter what I do, AMD/Win10 is broke.
Can’t be me, let’s hope MS and AMD can help.

Anyway how are things on your side?

Hello there my friend, what kind of problems are you having? There are a few things to consider. It would also be very helpful if you would include your system config, so we have a place to start helping you…

Also, what I would recommend, a bad generic driver, could make your computer performance really bad. For example. Lets say you install windows 10 on your machine, weather it’s a fresh install or a upgrade. The default hardware drivers windows 10 detects, are most likely not the ones that will provide maximum performance for your machine.

So with the amount of detail you gave us, all I can suggest is:

Download all the latest drivers for your computer hardware. Chipset, Video card, CPU, Raid, what ever applies…If you have no clue what you are doing use Slim Drivers software, it will detect whats outdated, and its free :smiley:

I hope you get your fix :smiley:

6600K/GTX 1070, fresh install of Win10 Anniversary. Totally fine, the 1070 is utter decadence for my needs in hindsight. In fact, I envy the Radeon crowd somewhat for having the more open adaptive sync technology, since G-sync monitors are clearly price-gouging and Nvidia refuses to implement freesync, which seems to be technically possible.

If you’re having problems running the game, I’d do a fresh Win10 install. In general I think you should do all you can to make your OS install as scrappable as possible: use separate OS and data partitions, use your web browser’s sync feature, etc. Operating systems are highly complex and inherently broken and prone to accumulating erroneous quirks as an install ages, they probably will remain so for as long as they’re these huge monolithic things written in a curly-brace language and designed to cater to every use-case ever, so you’re doing yourself a huge favour if you make the process of tearing down and replacing an install as painless as possible.

In the case of KI, I think I did need to do a fresh install of Anniversary to make my Store credentials check out okay or something so that I could actually get the download to start.

Sorry it took so long to respond.
I have Intel, chipset, with a a high end
Radeon. I have taken the time, to know,
That I understand what I’m doing.

Yet even though and monitoring shows that my
App is seen. There is no exeleration.

I even bought a driver booster, (No regret), and video was not offered as upgraded, after upgrading, still no acceleration.

It seems no matter what I do, kI simply won’t play right.

Ki in 1024 x 768 actually runs OK, on 1080 p.
But it simply won’t run right.

I do alot of 3D, 3D Coat, etc yet kI won’t run…
This is really getting me down.

Online searchings, gets me no where…