What is the reasson of the november/windows update requirement?

I was able to download the game because I reach the soft and hard requirements, so I’ve purchased the game
Now you are saying I won’t be able to play if don’t update windows?
I can’t update windows, so won’t be able to play a game i’ve payed off and atm is working properly.
It’s even legal?..

Well the entire Xbox for Win10 app is kind of integrated into the whole thing isn’t it? It would probably make sense that you need the latest update to proceed especially if that app was updated along with the OS.

Are still problems with the win 10 aniversary update? I read cases of lot of persons that ended with the blue screen because of that update.

Why can’t you update windows?

Unless the new update is flawless, rip KI PC for me.
I’ve heard bad things here and there. Hell, updating my PC (not the Anniversary update) destroyed one of my graphics cards.

Hard Drive space

If you are that strapped for memory then You are soon going to have much bigger problems than KI not running…

Not to sound insensitive, but there’s a minor blowup of hysteria every time a Windows update rolls out. If you want or expect the KI dev team to somehow change this situation you aren’t living in the real world. If you can’t keep your OS updated then you probably need to rethink whether or not PC gaming is really for you and certainly if you don’t like it want what Win10 is doing then you should avoid games on the Win10 store. As consumers we need to take a little bit of responsibility for our choices too.

One think is not want to keep an OS updated and another is update to “win 10 aniversary” only because MS wants it. They should fix the update before demand any OS update.

My issue was i could not use the xbox 360 fight pad with Killer instinct after the anniversary update so i rolled back a few weeks ago but now i have no choice and the issue still is there

@eastyy This problem is pontual. Mine is working properly.

I’m asking for a reason of the mandatary update.
so why this game don’t work if it worked fine until now.
As I said before, I was able to download (and buy) it because I already had what they required.
If they update the game, it should still work, If it does not, at least they should say why.