What is the origin of the Fulgore name?

I was playing KI the other day and my wife was whining about me playing.

So I made her a deal, I would do the chores right away of she played KI for an hour with me. She agreed.

So in the evening we sat to play and teach her the basis of jumping and blocking. Then I took Fulgore.

She then asked me the strangest question: “Why Fulgore, what does it mean, where did it come from?”

The witty person that I am, I replied very confidently, “pffftttt what kind of a question is that? The thing is a killing machine so he’s “full of gore” hence Fulgore”. She kinda noded, which really means “I know you’re bullshiting me right now, but you’re not worth arguing over this subject, you shall live another day”.

So I turn to you fellow friends, I know IG didn’t create this character but wondering if anyone had any insight as to the origin of the name?

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That’s a Great question, I’ll look around for some info. But No promises.

In Italian, the term “folgore” is a synonym of “fulmine” (which means “lightning” in English).
I always thought it was some sort of pun.

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There could be something there, given he uses to shoot lightning “shots” and remember his winning stance in KI2 would have lightning hitting the tip of his blades in posters.

@MandrillManiac I’d be really curious if you find anything as I came out empty handed. Thanks for looking into it.


Nothing really on the web other then “Fulgor” which means obsolete I asked Kevin bayliss and ken lobb on twitter (they worked on the original Ki and Ki2) I’ll let you know if they respond.

It’s a really good question.

its a cyborg with human parts he is "full of gore"
your right though.

It not too deep I mean we also have:

Here is a quote from the KI wiki I stumbled across a while ago, idk if its true or intentional but it does kind of make sense if you think about it.

" Fulgore’s name maybe a shortened version of Belphegor (due to character size). Belphegor is demon of invention and seduces human beings to invent ingenious inventions in order to get rich (and ultimately become lazy and greedy). This mirrors what Ultratech is trying to do with Fulgore, an invention to allow Ultratech to be powerful and rich and have enough financial power to make unrest throughout the world. "

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Very interesting find. I like that explanation although based on the description ARIA or whomever is running Ultratech would be considered Belphegor.

I hope Ken Lobb answers @MandrillManiac tweet about the origin so we can get closure.


Me too man…But nothing yet :confused:

Could bepossible that Fulgore could mean “Full-Gore” meaning charging full on into battle to gore his enemies or destory them in some way.

But at any rate I’ve wondered about this sometimes myself still. It may not even be that obvious.

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Toss is what I meant when I said full of gore in my first post as in very bloody because he’s a killing machine.

Nonetheless interesting but still no concrete info, if anyone is going to EVO make it a point to ask Ken Lobb :slight_smile:

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