What is the definition of a Killer Instinct Charecter?

I believe before we suggest character ideas to Iron Galaxy for season 3 we should ask ourselves what a Killer Instinct character is supposed to be. To me a Killer Instinct character is a person or monster that is good at fighting, killing, and overall is intimidating. But I would like to know what other’s definitions would be.

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Well the most literally definition would be “a character in Killer Instinct.” :stuck_out_tongue:
Though I suppose you’re looking at a more thematic definition.
Well, looking at past examples, a Killer Instinct character is defined by the qualities they represent, most notably: a) the pop culture trope they take inspiration from, as well as their own unique spin on the concept; b)the fighting game archetype they fulfill, as well as how they (once again) differentiate themselves from others in their archetype; c) how these two qualities interact with one another in terms of both story and gameplay.

Thematically, the game is divided between dark themes and character backgrounds portrayed in a tongue in cheek fashion; a black comedy, if you will, but not driven completely by humor. More of a Shakespearean comedy of sorts than the modern definition. Serious things still happen, but generally the outcome leans more towards fun and fantasy rather than death and despair.

Just some thoughts of mine. Do with them what you will.


I remember reading somewhere that the characters in Killer Instinct were among the most powerful/dangerous//strongest/deadly/violent/etc. people/creatures from around the world - which is why they’re on UltraTech’s radar (or under their employment). It was an official source too - like in the help menu of the game or on here or something…

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Basically one that has a KILLER mindset/mentality as well as drive to go along with it

A pop culture reference brawling another pop culture reference

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